The right Harbaugh won


The right Harbaugh won

Seeing how we all have a long night of avoiding ESPN and the NFL Network ahead of us, I'm going to keep this last post short. In fact, let me just say this

If there's ONE silver lining in Baltimore's Super Bowl win, it's that the right Harbaugh came out on top.

Maybe that's a relative term, but after two weeks of non-stop Harbaugh action, there was no question as to which brother was the more redeeming dude. I mean, after two weeks, I had hard time even thinking of Jim Harbaugh as a human. He was more like a robot GI Joe perpetually on the verge of going haywire. He was like a RoboCop. And while that certainly made him an interesting and entertaining character, it made it nearly impossible to connect with him on any personal level. I never once found myself thinking: "Man, I'll feel really bad for Jim Harbaugh if the Niners don't come through." To be honest, I can't imagine a football-related situation when I'd ever feel bad for Jim Harbaugh. He just doesn't evoke a lot of sympathy. (Is this how Bill Belichick comes across to fans outside of New England? If so, I get. It finally makes sense.)

Can you imagine even trying to have a beer with Jim Harbaugh? First of all, I doubt he even drinks beer. He'd probably order a double shot of 151 and spend the next hour making you feel uncomfortable for not drinking the same. Eventually, you'd succumb to the peer pressure and drink way too much. Next thing you know, you wake up in the passenger seat of your own car, covered in puke. You look over, and Jim's cruising down the Mass Pike at 125 mph screaming: "Who's got it better than us?!?!"

No thanks. He's like Cliff from Dead Man on Campus.

Instead, I'd much rather kick back and have a few beers with John. And even if I don't love the idea of Baltimore winning it all, I was definitely happy to see the older Harbaugh get the best of his little brother.

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