RevolutionMonarcas: Revs win 1-0

RevolutionMonarcas: Revs win 1-0

By Danny Picard

FOXBORO -- Revolution win 1-0

-- The Revs win on a goal from Marko Perovic in the 62nd minute. Stay right here for reaction from Revs players and coach Steve Nicol, as well as coverage of Steve Ralston's retirement press conference.

-- 89th minute -- Monarcas defender Adrian Garcia gets a yellow card for a pretty dirty tackle from behind Schilawski. Schilawski's teammate, Pat Phelan, was pretty fired up afterwards, and rushed down the field to get in Garcia's face.

-- 82nd minute -- Forward Zack Schilawski comes in to replace Perovic.

-- 62nd minute -- REVOLUTION LEAD 1-0 -- Marko Perovic scored his third goal in the last four games, this time, putting away a high, bouncing ball in Monarcas' box at the left post. Perovic just stepped down the left wing, found the loose ball, and booted a rocket into the top-left corner for the 1-0 lead.

-- 57th minute -- Revolution pick up their first yellow card of the game. It goes to defender Darrius Barnes.

-- 49th minute -- Second yellow card of the match is called, and once again, it goes to Monarcas. Forward Rafael Marquez Lugo gets the card.


No score at Halftime:

--So there you go, no score after the first 45 minutes. There were 12 total shots take in the first half, but only two of those shots were on goal. Both Monarcas and New England each have one shot on goal, but nobody has been able to tickle the twine.

-- 40th minute -- First yellow card of the match is given out to Monarcas midfielder Adrian Aldrete, deep in his own side of the field. But the Revs couldn't do anything after. We're still scoreless. If it stays this way the rest of the game, New England will be happy. All the Revs need is one point to finish in first place in their group, setting them up with a home game in the semi-finals of SuperLiga 2010.

--Midway through the first half, and we're scoreless at Gillette.

--Revolution midfielder Steve Ralston will announce his retirement prior to tonight's game. Stay right here for complete coverage of his post-game press conference.


Here are the starting lineups for tonight's match between the New England Revolution and Monarcas Morelia at Gillette Stadium. It's the final match of the SuperLiga 2010 group stage. After wining the first two matches of the group stage, the Revs have already clinched a semi-final bid. The only thing at stake on Tuesday night is a semi-final game at home, which they can get with a point against Monarcas.

GK -- Reis (captain)
DEF -- Tierney
DEF -- Sinovic
DEF -- Barnes
DEF -- Osei
MID --Mansally
MID -- Phelan
MID -- Niouky
MID -- Smith
FWD -- Perovic
FWD -- Dube

GK -- Urbina
DEF -- Garcia
DEF -- Romero (captain)
DEF -- Perez
MID -- Pineda
MID -- Noriega
MID -- Lozano
MID -- Aldrete
FWD -- Sansores
FWD -- Lugo
FWD -- Hernandez

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