Youkilis better, should return Saturday


Youkilis better, should return Saturday

By Sean McAdam

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Kevin Youkilis wasn't in the Red Sox starting lineup Friday night, but his return isn't far away, either.

The plan is for Youkilis to play Saturday.

Youkilis fouled a ball of his lower left shin during his first at-bat in Thursday's series opener and left an inning later. He underwent x-rays Thursday, which proved negative.

"He's actually doing pretty good,'' said Terry Francona. "I think we were all concerned that he'd show up today and be more sore. He showed up and he's moving around pretty good. That's really good news.''

"I'm doing better today,'' said Youkilis. "If they need me to play, I can go in and do something. I've got some swelling and basically, it's a lot better than it was Thursday, so that's a good sign.''

Youklilis wasn't too concerned that he had broken anything, but did have some trepidation watching trainer Mike Reinold's reaction while he was being examined.

"There were a couple points he pushed on and he got a little nervous,'' said Youkilis. "He said, 'We'd better go check this out.' But I've fouled balls off in the past and done stuff and I didn't think it was bad. Reinold wanted to make sure.

"Luckily, nothing's broken. That's the key.''

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