Schilling on Sox fall: 'More on Theo than Tito'


Schilling on Sox fall: 'More on Theo than Tito'

On WEEI this morning, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling discussed the monumental fall of the Red Sox this season and said the blame is "100 percent on the players."

He also defended manager Terry Francona, placing more fault on general manager Theo Epstein.

"I think more of it's on Theo than on Tito, anyway," said Shilling."The guy managing this team is the only guy that could keep them together. With another manager in this position right now, you'd have some in-fighting, big-time infighting going on, given what they're going through."

Schilling believes if the Red Sox to win both games in Baltimore they can use this stretch as motivation for the playoffs.

"They roll into the playoffs and say 'Okay, wait a minute. We just went through it. There's nothing we can go through that's worse than what we did.' "

Schilling also noted the season is not totally in the Red Sox' hands any more, not with the way the Rays are playing.

"Make no mistake about it . . . If you watch the way Tampa is playing, they're in the playoffs right now. Every pitch, every out, every move, every ball is October ball right now."