Red Sox notes: Francona hints at lineup


Red Sox notes: Francona hints at lineup

By Sean McAdam

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Having revealed his starting pitching rotation earlier in the week, manager Terry Francona Saturday came close to doing the same with his batting order for the regular season.

Francona said it was likely that for, most games, Jacoby Ellsbury will lead off, followed by Dustin Pedroia and Carl Crawford. He hinted that Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Youkilis were "interchangable'' in the fourth and fifth slots, but is leaning toward having Gonzalez hit fourth most games.

They would be followed by David Ortiz (sixth), J.D. Drew (seventh), Jarrod Saltalamacchia (eighth) and Marco Scutaro (ninth).

Complicating matters somewhat, Francona added, is that the Sox will face C.J. Wilson in the April 1 season opener. For that game, Francona could sit Drew in favor of Mike Cameron and drop Ellsbury to ninth with Scutaro temporarily replacing him at the top.

"Wilson is so tough on lefties,'' said Francona. "That's the one thing that's been messing with me because normally, that's a guy you would do something (different) with. But it's Opening Day, so I don't know how I feel about that.

Scutaro hit leadoff for most of last season when Ellsbury missed all but 18 games thanks to broken ribs.

"The next 10 days, you'll probably see our (regular season) lineup a few times,'' Francona said. "

For the second start in a row, Josh Beckett pitched against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and for the second start in a row, a long inning -- the fourth -- cost him.

Beckett pitched 4 23 innings, allowing five runs on seven hits, though only one run was earned thanks to errors by Nate Spears and a throwing error by Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

"Pretty similar,'' agreed Beckett. "It was just a different inning (than last time) -- fourth inning instead of the fifth. I felt good in several of the other innings.

"You never like to be in jams, but if you show that you can get out of them -- big jams -- it's a confidence thing more than anything.''

Beckett threw 88 pitches and said his arm strength is good. He'll get up to 95 or so pitches in his next Florida start, then taper back when he faces the Astros in Houston two days before the season opener.

"I thought he made a lot of good pitces,'' said Francona. "When the season starts, consistency is a huge thing. But the way the ball's coming out of his hand (is encouraging).''

Francona noted that Beckett's changeup -- a bit softer than in the past -- was a quality pitch, but said the curveball was spotty, with only four strikes thrown out of 17.

Beckett was also miffed that, for the second time in a row, he allowed base hits to the opposing pitcher. Saturday, Kevin Correia had two singles against him, including one which produced two runs.

Daniel Nava made the defensive play of the game, leaping in left to take extra bases away from Andrew McCutchen in the first before firing a cutoff throw to Dustin Pedroia who rifled a relay to first to double up Neil Walker and end the inning.

Earlier in camp, Francona said he thought that Nava had the ability to be a better outfielder than he showed last season.

"I think he's done that this spring,'' said Francona. "I think he's done a better job with (his defense). He's not swung the bat particularly well (.205 for the spring), but he hasn't taken that out to the outfield with him.''

"It's definitely been a focus,'' said Nava. "I'm just being more attentive to that side of the game.''

Hideki Okajima pitched for Single A Greenville Saturday, tossing a scoreless inning with two strikeouts. Okajima threw 15 pitches...The Sox have their only scheduled off-day of the spring Wednesday, but Adrian Gonzalez will DH in a game at the minor league complex to get some extra at-bats...Alfredo Aceves pitched two innings and gave up a two-run homer to John Bowker...Staff member and batting practice pitcher Ino Guerrero was hospitalized Friday and held overnight after a bad reaction to a nerve blocker shot in his shoulder...Monday's pitching matchup in Clearwater could be a beauty: Jon Lester vs. Roy Halladay. They're two of the four pitchers who've won 50 or more games in the last three seasons...Spears has been told he won't make the club for Opening Day, but will spend the rest of the spring with the major league club, where he offers versatility.

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Pedro Martinez tells WEEI Ortiz will make comeback this season

Pedro Martinez tells WEEI Ortiz will make comeback this season

Never say never?

While Red Sox officials said at the team's annual Winter Weekend at Foxwoods on Saturday that they'd be traveling to the Dominican Republic to talk to David Ortiz about a role with the team, Pedro Martinez told WEEI he sees Big Papi returning to his old role - designated hitter - this season.

CSN's Trenni Kusnierek and WEEI's John Tomase talked to Martinez on their show Saturday at Foxwoods and Martinez said his old teammate would be making a comeback despite the long, emotional farewell tour last season. 

For the full interview with Martinez, click here.

Red Sox executives Tom Werner, Sam Kennedy and Dave Dombrowski made no mention of Ortiz returning as a player when talking about their Dominican trip. Ortiz has repeatedly said he is going to stay retired. 

Chris Sale on leaving White Sox: 'Time for both sides to do something different, I guess'


Chris Sale on leaving White Sox: 'Time for both sides to do something different, I guess'

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. -- While there’s a deal of anticipation going into Spring training with the four Killer B’s, David Price and Pablo Sandoval’s shot at redemption and Rick Porcello looking to be something similar to his 2016 self, there’s one name that trumps them all.

Chris Sale.

The lankly lefty received an ovation from fans at the Friday night Town Hall, kicking off Red Sox Winter Weekend. With his consistent success, there’s reason to be excited.

But there’s also reason for apprehension given the way Sale’s departure from Chicago was depicted. But he’s made sure to clear the air.

“I wouldn’t say . . . ya know . . . I loved my time in Chicago,” Sale said when asked if it was time to leave the Windy City. “My best baseball memories are there [and] will be there forever. I love the city; I love the people in the organization.

“It was time for both sides to do something different, I guess. I talked to (White Sox Senior V.P.) Rick on the phone, I talked to (White Sox pitching coach Don) Coop (Cooper). We’re all cool, it’s fine. We understand where both of us are, it happens in baseball, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Chicago.”

He didn’t seem irritated discussing the issue, and certainly wasn’t timid -- we all know that’s not in his DNA.

He genuinely seems excited to deal with the large sum of Sox fans and to call a new place home -- in a city his wife’s fond of no less.

But ultimately, he’s focused on winning, nothing else.

“Every time I’m out there it’s gonna be all I got,” Sale said. "Every time, no matter what. Can promise you that.”