Nation STATion: Nine to Know, Daniel Bard Edition

Nation STATion: Nine to Know, Daniel Bard Edition
May 24, 2011, 4:52 pm
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By Bill Chuck
Special to

Daniel Bard has been inconsistent on the mound this season and his stats reflect that.

Take a look:

1. He is 1-4 with a mediocre 3.65 ERA but an outstanding WHIP of 1.014.

2. In the first month of the season he pitched 12.1 innings, had a 3.65 ERA, and was 0-3. This month he has pitched 12.1 innings, has a 3.65 ERA, and is 1-1. The difference is that in April, batters hit .256 against him and in May, they have hit .159.

3. Batters are only hitting .207 against him overall, although in an eighth-inning world where there is little margin for error, that still may be too high. He's up from .176 last season, when he was pretty much lights out.

4. He has, in essence, blown two saves, but has nine holds, and the Buchholz run he allowed Monday night was just the first of nine inherited runners he as allowed to score.

5. He has been dominant in front of the Fenway faithful, where he is 1-0 with a 1.32 ERA and a batting average against of .113. But on the road, he is 0-4 with a 6.55 ERA and a 3.02 BAA.

6. Hes dominated right-handed batters, holding them to a .162 batting average and a .532 OPS. Lefties have fared better against him, hitting .240 with a .763 OPS.

7. If there is any number to notice this year it has been in his proclivity to allow extra-base hits; 9.3 of all plate appearances have resulted in an extra-base hit, practically double last season's 4.8.

8. Of the 18 hits he's surrendered this season, 50 have gone for extra-bases: five doubles, one triple and three homers.

9. The only other number of any consequence is that fact that he is falling behind batters at a slightly greater pace this season only recording a strike on the first pitch 51 of the time as opposed to 58 last season.