First Pitch: The latest Sox newsrumorsspeculation


First Pitch: The latest Sox newsrumorsspeculation

By ArtMartone

Welcome toFirst Pitch, aquick spin around the world of Major League Baseball . . . or at leastthe corner of it that most concerns the Red Sox. And most of it now concerns -- you guessed it -- Theo Epstein and Terry Francona.

SILENCE ISN'T GOLDEN: As bad as Red Sox ownership botched the P.R. aspects of the Terry Francona firing -- and don't let anyone kid you, that's what it was -- they're doing just as poorly with the Theo Epstein situation. Sean McAdam says the issue won't die because the Red Sox won't address it, and it will be impossible for the team to move forward until Esptein's future is decided, one way or the other.

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? Doesn't sound like Bill Chuck would shed any tears if Theo headed off to Chicago. (

IN THE CROSSHAIRS: All week, Comcast SportsNet is running "Crosshairs Of Sox Collapse," with McAdam and Jessica Moran analyzing the people who may or may not be responsible for the just-concluded September to Misremember. First up: Epstein himself.

IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY REAL NEWS . . . we present the latest rumorsspeculationmusings on the Red Sox situation:

Ken Rosenthal of agrees with McAdam.

Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston quotes a "major league source close to Epstein" as saying the chances of Epstein staying with the Sox are "50-50".

But Jon Heyman of says not only isn't Theo going anywhere, but a "likely scenario" is John Henry "adding a couple years to Epstein's contract . . . and perhaps even giving him an upgraded job title".

Buster Olney of says Bobby Valentine "has support in at least one important cortner of the Boston front office" ( -- that's known as the Henry Corner, incidentally -- and will probably be interviewed for the manager's job.

Olney also reports Francona wants to manage next year. (ESPN) At the moment, the only job open -- other than Boston's, of course -- is the White Sox'.

And one more from Olney: Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin will be one of several candidates interviewed by the Sox. (ESPN)

But Alex Speier of reports that, according to a source, the Sox haven't yet set a list of candidates.

Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe says if Epstein follows the same search criteria he used in 2003, one candidate fits the bill: Dodgers bench coach and former Royals manager Trey Hillman. provides an analytical list of potential managers, including one current (DeMarlo Hale) and one former (Dave Sveum) Red Sox coach. Hard to believe any of these guys who end up replacing Terry Francona, but you never know.

THE RIGHT MOVE: Michael Felger thinks Francona deserved to go. (

YEAH, BUT I'LL MISS HIM: Adrian Gonzalez says Francona "is a great person and fun to be around" and his departure "caught me by surprise". (Boston Herald)

WHAT?? Kevin Youkilis has no idea why people think he has a problem with Jacoby Ellsbury. (

TROUBLE BREWING: A beer vendor who's been working at Yankee Stadium for 35 years was suspended for "harassing" Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves (New York Post) . . . even though it was all in fun and, truth be told, it sounds like the vendor was the harassee and not the harrassor.

AND FINALLY . . . The nauseating, choreographed pregame rituals at Yankee Stadium are all "a part of reminding you that we're the Yankees," according to Mark Teixeira (Wall Street Journal), but I guess the Tigers missed the memo. (Newark Star-Ledger)

Ortiz quells comeback speculation: 'My playing time has expired'


Ortiz quells comeback speculation: 'My playing time has expired'

Forget that cryptic Tweet to the Globe. David Ortiz isn't walking through that door, fans. At least not as a player.

"My playing time has already expired," Ortiz told ESPN Deportes. "Baseball is not something that you wake up today and you say, 'I'll play tomorrow.' Baseball is something that carries a lot of sacrifice, a lot of preparation, and there is a reason why we train the entire year to play it, practice every day, especially during the season, because it is a sport of consistency."

No one really thought he was contemplating a comeback, but last week he Tweeted this . . .

. . . and that raised hopes that he'd changed his mind.

Not so.