Bard's friend found alive

Bard's friend found alive
May 29, 2011, 5:00 pm
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By MaureenMullen

DETROIT Daniel Bards friend, Matt Hill, who disappeared Tuesday, has been found alive and unharmed.

Obviously, we're thrilled that he was found OK and alive and unharmed, Bard said. Theres still a lot of questions that need to be answered but were just trying to be happy in the fact that hes OK.

Hill disappeared from the Washington, DC area Tuesday morning. Bard found out Sunday morning that Hill had been found when another friend who had gone to Washington to help in the search called to let him know.

Hill left on his own, Bard said, which raises a new set of questions. But for now, Bard, along with Hills family and friends, are relieved.

Hes alive and unharmed and that he did do this under his own will, Bard said. Which, if you heard what I said yesterday, is probably the biggest shock to everyone that knows him. So, like I said were just focusing on the fact that hes OK, hes alive, and hopefully some more questions will be answered soon for everyone who cares about him.

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