Rashard Mendenhall's conspiracy theories


Rashard Mendenhall's conspiracy theories

By Justin Aucoin

When Rashard Medenhall isnt fumbling footballs or dishing out err. love advice to the ladies of the world, hes on twitter just like you and me. But unlike you and me hes preaching some crackpot conspiracy theories.

And then wait for it


Not to turn WickedGoodSports into a political forum, but theres so much wrong in that one tweet.

Apparently Rashard doesnt read or watch the news well at all. Otherwise he wouldve known that bin Laden and Al Qaeda proudly took full responsibility the attack on the World Trade Center. He wouldve also heard and seen the man speak. Also, not sure what part of a plane exploding into a building defies the logic and the laws of physics that hes created in his brain.

To celebrate or not to celebrate has been the center of debate over the past two days, but everything else? Cmon, Rashard. Youre not really that nave are you?

I'm not convinced he was even behind the attacks we have really seen no evidence to prove it other than the gov telling us Rashard, deleted tweet (The Pitt Stop)

Oh boy.

To be fair to Rashard, he deleted that second and third tweet. Maybe someone finally showed him the horrific video that everyone else has seen and explained to him what was so wrong about everything he tweeted. Or maybe the Steelers chided him like a kid. Either way, we hope someone gave him a good kick in the pants, while they were at it.

But since Rashard is so into conspiracy theories, we decided to come up with a few others he might enjoy.
The moon really is made of cheese

Dont listen to what NASA or those pesky scientists say. Rashard thinks, therefore he knows the truth.

Hitler wasnt a monster; he was just understood

Like bin Laden, Hitler just needed a hug, but the world decided to hate him for his crappy little moustache. But unlike with bin Laden, Mendenhall has seen at least one Hitler video and cant see how everyone hated him so much.

The government is controlling your brain

Best to get that tinfoil hat ready to fend off the waves penetrating your brain

The NBA is rigged

Ummm moving on.

The New England Patriots spied


OK, those last two arent the best examples.

Anyways, its fun seeing what goes on in athletes minds. We just wish they actually thought things through more before posting it on the web for all to see.

As ol Abe Lincoln said: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Kraft on possible Patriots reunion with Revis: 'I would love it'

Kraft on possible Patriots reunion with Revis: 'I would love it'

It was reported last week that multiple NFL executives are convinced that Darrelle Revis will return to the New England Patriots next season.

Talking with the New York Daily News, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he’d be open to a reunion with the 31-year-old cornerback.

“I would love it,” Kraft said. “Speaking for myself, if he wanted to come back, he’s a great competitor, I’d welcome him if he wanted to come.”

Asked if the team has had discussions with Revis, Kraft said “ask my boy,” in reference to coach Bill Belichick.

Revis spent the 2014 season with the Patriots, helping them win Super Bowl XLIX. He bolted back to the New York Jets the next season, signing a five-year, $70 million contract ($39 million guaranteed).

The Jets released Revis earlier this month after the incident in Pittsburgh. A judge dismissed the charges.

Kraft says intention is not to trade Butler: 'We hope he's with us'

Kraft says intention is not to trade Butler: 'We hope he's with us'

PHOENIX -- The idea that Malcolm Butler could be traded by the Patriots before the start of the 2017 season has been floated for weeks. But if Robert Kraft had his way, he'd like for the hero of Super Bowl XLIX to stick around. 

At the Biltmore hotel on Day 2 of the league's annual meetings, Kraft was asked if he anticipated having Butler back in New England for next season.

"I sure hope so," he said. "We have [a first-round tender] out to him, and I know he has the ability to go out in the market and get someone to sign him, and then we either match it or get the first-round draft pick.

"I'm rooting, I hope, he's with us and signs his offer sheet and plays for us. I have a great affection for him. He was part of probably the greatest play in the history of our team, but there are a lot of people involved in that."

The Patriots can't trade any player who isn't under contract, and they can't talk about a trade for a player not on their roster. Therefore, even if the Patriots hoped to deal Butler and get something in return for the Pro Bowl-caliber corner before he hits unrestricted free agency in 2018, it's not something that the owner of the team would be at liberty to discuss with dozens of microphones in front of his face. 

The tender offer of $3.91 million for one season is still out there for Butler. He could sign it and play in New England. He could sign it and be traded. For now, Kraft says he's hoping for the former -- and insists that the Patriots didn't have designs on the latter all along.

"I don't want to, in any way, take away from his rights [as a restricted free agent]," he said, adding, "I want to be clear. I hope he's with us."