Rams always memorable opponent for Brady


Rams always memorable opponent for Brady

LONDON - Every goose bump that February 3, 2002 raised on your arms, every hair that stood up on your neck, is still matched bump-for-bump, hair-for-hair by Tom Brady.

There is zero carryover between the 2012 Rams and the team the Patriots will play Sunday evening at Wembley. Even the Rams uniforms are different now.

But the specter of lining up across from the Rams once again prompted a question Friday morning about what Tom Brady remembered from Super Bowl XXXVI, the night when the Patriots dynasty was born.

"We played one of the best teams that Ive ever played against," Brady said of that Rams team, which won 14 regular-season games (including a 24-17 decision in Foxboro). "I think thats really where Patriots football and team football really kind of started for us in New England. It took a team effort to win that game."

The Patriots were generally regarded as the worst team in football after starting the season 0-2. But as the year wore on, the Patriots defense became a whole far greater than the sum of its parts. Meanwhile, Brady was emerging as a clutch, precise quarterback with command of his job.

What happened that night ushered in a period of excellence that the Patriots have continued. That game, and the two subsequent Super Bowl wins in 2003 and 2004, set a standard for Patriots football that has made it hard for people to keep from regarding any season that doesn't end with the Patriots hoisting a Lombardi Trophy as a failure. It was a blessing. It is sometimes a burden.

But it's one the team -- and Brady -- seem willing to carry.

"It doesnt seem like long ago, but at times it does seem like it was a long time ago," said Brady. "How do I feel about that experience? That was a long time ago, a lot of hits ago. You win a Super Bowl, it was my second year in the league, you never forget that. Its something embedded in your mind and heart for the rest of your life. There were so many great teammates that were a part of that, and guys that Im still friends with."

The Patriots were Cinderella then. Now, they are far closer to the 2001 Rams -- stocked with talent, trying to pull the right levers to find the right combinations to succeed.

"It was an exceptional team we faced," said Brady. "They had some Hall of Famers on that team, some guys that were playing at the height of their career, and we found a way to beat them. We lost to them earlier that season, so it was a very memorable night and certainly since then, its been more than I could ever ask for as a person and a player. Im sure a lot of my teammates feel the same way.

It was a seminal moment in New England sports history. Fans of a certain age and persuasion will always look at the Red Sox Impossible Dream season in 1967 as being the highlight of their lives as fans.

But for many others born long after that baseball season, the Impossible Team of 2001 is every bit as special.

Horford admits he was 'very emotional' after 'special' win

Horford admits he was 'very emotional' after 'special' win

CLEVELAND – For about 30 or so seconds following Boston’s 111-108 Game 3 win over Cleveland, Al Horford was not Al Horford.

He’s a passionate player, but seldom is it on display in as outwardly a fashion as it was following their Game 3 victory.

In an interview with CSN’s Abby Chin after the game, Horford tried to put into words what the victory meant.

But the aggressive high-fives to teammates passing him by, the intense way he looked into the camera … that spoke volumes about what this game meant to the veteran big man.

“It’s big, it’s big!” Horford said in between high-fives with Jonas Jerebko and other Celtics who came past him.

“A lot of people doubting us out there!” Horford said, staring intently into the camera as if he was saying, ‘yeah, I’m talking about you!’”

Less than 24 hours after the game, Horford’s emotions had cooled down considerably.

“It was an emotional game,” he told CSN following a short practice at the Q Arena on Monday. “Just, having to hear … since the blowout, everybody counting us out. Everybody really believing that it was over.”

The Celtics came into Game 3 having lost both Games 1 and 2 at home by a combined 57 points which includes the worst playoff loss (Game 2, 130-86) in franchise history.

So with that as the backdrop, knowing full well that no one outside of their locker room gave them an ice cube in hell’s chance at winning Game 3, the victory brought about a level of satisfaction that Celtics players had seldom experienced before if at all.

“The emotions at that time were high for our group,” Horford admitted. “And it shows what we’ve been talking about all year, a resilient group that has a lot of fight in them. We were hit with some adversity with Isaiah being down but our group responded.”

Thomas re-aggravated a right hip injury in Game 2, and was later ruled out for the rest of the playoffs. 

After falling behind 77-56 in the third quarter, the Celtics closed out the third with a 26-10 run to come within 87-82 going into the fourth quarter. During the run, Marcus Smart had 11 points which turned out to be equal to LeBron James’ scoring output … for the entire game.

This is Horford's 10th NBA season, all of which have included a trip to the postseason.

That, combined with having won a pair of national championships when he played at the University of Florida, serves as a reminder that the 30-year-old has been on the winning ledger of big games before.

But even he acknowledged Sunday’s Game 3 win was … different.

“I have had plenty of moments like this,” Horford said. “But this was definitely emotional. This was very emotional, exciting, on the road, no one really giving us any chance. To be able to come through like that, it just felt great. I’ve been part of emotional wins, but this one was a special one.”

That was evident in Horford’s energy-charged, post-game comments.

“Heart! Heart! This team got heart!” he yelled. “We got beat bad (in Game 2), but it’s all about how you rebound!”

And we get that message, loud and clear!

'Ecstatic' Thomas was with Celtics teammates via FaceTime after Game 3 win

'Ecstatic' Thomas was with Celtics teammates via FaceTime after Game 3 win

CLEVELAND – Gone but definitely not forgotten.

Isaiah Thomas, out for the rest of the playoffs with a right hip injury, wasn’t in the Q Arena physically, but his presence – and his face via FaceTime – were inside the locker room in the initial moments following their 111-108 Game 3 win over Cleveland.

“We called him right after the game,” said Boston’s Avery Bradley. “He got to celebrate with us a little bit. It’s sad that he’s not here. We wish he was here with us. We just want him to get better.”

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens added, “I didn’t even realize that had happened until later on. one of my first text messages was from Isaiah.  He’s hurting not being out there but he’s completely invested, for sure.”

He initially suffered the injury on March 15 at Minnesota, but re-aggravated it in the first half of Boston’s Game 2 loss to the Cavs. Less than 24 hours later, Thomas was deemed out for the remainder of the playoffs.

Instead of Thomas being the rock of sorts that the Celtics lean on with his play, he has become their rallying cry for the remainder of the playoffs.

“All we can do is play hard for him,” Bradley said. “He was excited with the way we played. We’re a family. Other guys got an opportunity to step up for us. Marcus (Smart) had a big game for us. It could be somebody else next game.”

Smart led the Celtics with a career-high 27 points which included a career-best seven 3’s going down.

And most important, the Celtics avoided going down 3-0 which would have all but sealed their fate in this series considering no team in league history has ever come back for a 3-0 series deficit.

Doing so without Thomas, the Celtics’ leading scorer and the top regular season scorer in the Eastern Conference, made the win all that more impressive for Boston.

“It meant a lot,” Horford said. “We know, Isaiah gives us so much and gave us so much this year. For him, we definitely wanted to come out and fight for him and our season and our team. It felt good to keep believing despite being down big. Just felt good to win the game and bring life back to our locker room. Because going down 3-0, that’s a death sentence pretty much. This was big.”

Not only to the Celtics players but also to Thomas who also texted head coach Brad Stevens full of excitement following Boston’s surprising win.

“He was excited,” Horford recalled. “He was ecstatic. I know he wishes he was here being part of it. We just need to keep doing it for him and our group and doing the best we can.”