Postcard from Camp: Replacement referees show up


Postcard from Camp: Replacement referees show up

DAY13: New wrinkle on Monday. The full pads practice was held in the morning and the players had just a little afternoon film and classroom work in the evening. It was the first time the padded practice was held in the a.m. This was practice No. 9.

Warm, Dry. Clear. Freakin' perfect.


WHAT THEY DID9:00-9:45: The same walkthrough, stretching, positionalstretching, positional drills that they always do. 9:45: 7-on-7 drills
10:00: Special teams (onsides kicks)10:15: 11-on-11 (drilling off Saints offensive sets; switch and work on Saints defensive sets)

Referees on the field. Three of them. And they were replacement refs since the real stripes are on strike. Or locked out. Or whatever. They're not working. Worst-case scenario will be if these officials aren't appreciably worse than the lamentably inconsistent crews they're replacing. And that's a possibility that hasn't been entertained enough.

Sergio Brown had a nice practice, earning praise at different junctures from Bill Belichick for his special teams and safety work.

Alex Silvestro, the newly christened tight end, got stuck hard by Malcolm Williams in a 1-on-1 tackling drill.

Offensive lineman Nick McDonald was in full pads for the first time. James Ihedigbo, who was in a full-contact jersey for the first time Sunday, was in shorts and a t-shirt on Monday. Brandon Spikes wasn't at practice either.

Visanthe Shiancoe, Daniel Fells, Myron Pryor, Alfonzo Dennard and Jonathan Fanene didn't practice.

Sergio Brown. Good kid. Seemed to have his first solid practice of camp.

Malcolm Williams. The seventh round pick in 2011 made a few solid plays and has flashed more frequently at defensive back the past few days.

Farrell on WEEI: Have not apologized to Eckersley


Farrell on WEEI: Have not apologized to Eckersley

Red Sox manager John Farrell said today on WEEI's Dale and Holley Show that he has not apologized to Dennis Eckersley for the recent incident on a team flight in which David Price ripped into the Hall of Fame pitcher -- to the applause of some teammates -- for being too critical in his role as a team broadcaster.

“Yeah, that’s a no,” Farrell responded when asked specifically if he had apologized to Eck.


According to Brooks Sutherland's story on, Farrell said he has spoken to Eckersley since the incident and has a "positive in a professional way" relationship with Eck.

Sutherland quoted Farrell as saying: “I’ve had interactions with Eck, yes. I have, yeah. Whether it’s been at the hotel, or whether it’s been at the ballpark, there’s been interactions there, yes . . . At the time when we did meet, which was down in Texas, as I mentioned, and then again in the ballpark there. I’m aware that people reached out to him the morning after the incident when we were headed in to Toronto. So, knowing that that was in place, you know, I followed with my conversations with Eck as I’ve always done. They’ve been cordial, there’s been professional respect on both side and I think my relationship with him is positive in a professional way.”

Farrell said he heard Price yelling at Price on the plane.

“You know at the time when it did happen,you heard some loud talk,” he said. “but I can’t say that that’s . . . you know there’s banter that goes back-and-forth that’s relatively calm, and I would say this was a different situation. I can’t say that the banter is in this nature. After it did take place, I know Eck came up to the front of the plane to talk to Dave Dombrowski and myself. Obviously outlined what took place and that’s why we met with David the next day in Toronto."

Tanguay: The games aren't the thing anymore


Tanguay: The games aren't the thing anymore

What about the games?

You know. The games that are played between the lines. The controversial calls, the second-guessing of strategy, the why-the-hell-did-he-shoot-that?

This all came to me today. The games have become secondary. The main theme of what we do is drama. 

Yep, we have done it. David Price being a complete asshat. Does Belichick really love Jimmy Garoppolo more? (Bill does have a history of trading for a younger model.) Should the Celtics do whatever it takes to trade for Kyrie Irving?

We have become a soap industry. It’s all about the gossip, the in-fighting, the free agent offseason. 

And you know what?


Do you?