Pierce's First Triple Double


Pierce's First Triple Double

It's been a while since we fired up the old Box Score Bank here at Standing Room Only, so let's fire up the Box Score Bank. And with Paul Pierce registering his eighth career triple double last night against the Nuggets, let's take it back to the Truth's first career triple double.

Got it?

The date was January 26, 2003. Lose Yourself by Eminem was in the last of it's 12-week reign atop the Billboard charts. Darkness Falls was the No. 1 movie in America. LeBron James was a high school senior in Akron, OH. Kyrie Irving was a fifth grader in West Orange, NJ. And over at the FleetCenter in Boston, MA, Paul Pierce was filling up the box score with 27 points, 13 rebounds and 13 assists against the Orlando Magic.

Final Score: Boston 91, Orlando 83

For some perspective on how long it's been, consider that of the 18 players to take the court on this night, only one other guy Heat bench warmer Mike Miller is still active.

For more perspective check out some of the names that were active: Jacque Vaughn (who's now Orlando's head coach), Andrew Declercq (who once went head-to-head with Billy Curley) and Shawn Kemp (now a grandfather of 17). For the Celtics, there was Vin Baker, Grant Long and Kevin Garnett's cousin Shammond Williams.

For even more perspective, how about this:

Orlando's head coach was Doc Rivers!

Safe to say that at that very moment, Doc didn't have the slightest clue as to what the future would hold. That he'd one day lead the Celtics to a title. That he'd become one of the most respected and powerful coaches in the NBA. That more than 10 years later, he'd be standing on the same sideline watching the same Paul Pierce give the game what it needs.

But I'm guessing he's pretty happy with the way things played.

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CSN PHILLY: 76ers send Noel to Dallas for package that includes Andrew Bogut


CSN PHILLY: 76ers send Noel to Dallas for package that includes Andrew Bogut

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Report: 76ers could flip Bogut to Celtics

Report: 76ers could flip Bogut to Celtics

After being shipped to Philadelphia in a deal for Nerlens Noel Thursday, Andrew Bogut figures to be traded again ahead of the 3 p.m. trade deadline. 


According to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics are in play for the veteran center’s services. 

In 26 games for Dallas this season, the 32-year-old Bogut has averaged 3.0 points and 8.3 rebounds per game.