The Walk-Through: Links for Tuesday

The Walk-Through: Links for Tuesday
September 6, 2011, 4:03 pm
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By Phil Perry

A quick spin around the NFL on this Tuesday afternoon . . .

It might have been an awkward holiday weekend for the Ryan family. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan off-handedly confirmed his brother Rex's affinity for feet, which is funny, but that kind of comment might help sink Rob's chances at a head job someday. Gotta know when to keep your mouth shut.
Cameron Wake is only now learning to deal with his new fame in Miami. The Dolphins best defensive player isn't as well-known here in New England, but he might be after Monday night if he can give the Patriots fits in their season-opener.
Scott Pioli calls another former Patriot into Kansas City. Steve Maneri, now a Chief, is the latest Patriots castaway to find a new home. According to the Chicago Tribune, it's possible that Brandon Meriweather's ever-growing posse helped get him cut in New England. Colts president Bill Polian says Peyton Manning will be back "at some point," which probably isn't helping the widespread agita being experienced throughout Indy. The Patriots play the Colts on Dec. 4.