Thursday links: Ocho sleeps with the fishes


Thursday links: Ocho sleeps with the fishes

By Tom E. Curran Patriots Insider Follow @tomecurran
A few NFL links to get you primed for tonight's final preseason game:

The headboard of Chad Ochocinco's bed is a salt-water aquarium. Of course it is. See if he shares that piece of news with the family he plans to move in with.

Ocho can also be credited (blamed) for inspiring Ron Artest's name change. That change, of course, has been held up because Artest is confounded as to how to operate in normal American society. He doesn't know how to pay his parking tickets. "Itcomes down to the parking tickets. I don't know how to pay a parking ticket. I've never paid a parking ticket in my life."

The Jets visited Ground Zero to pay respects as the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the 911 attacks looms.

Fred Taylor is going to sign with Jacksonville so he can retire a Jaguar. One of the easiest players to talk to in that Patriots locker room in the time I've covered the team. Always insightful, never trite and rehearsed. Helped reporters understand the game. That's what we need.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin's plans for the Patriots and the final week of the preseason have been scuttled by Hurricane Irene.

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