Shuffling off to Buffalo: Belichick laughs it up


Shuffling off to Buffalo: Belichick laughs it up

By PhilPerry

FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick started out his Friday press conference in a somber mood, announcing how disappointed he was to have to place center Dan Koppen and Myron Pryor on injured reserve earlier this week.

But, boy, did things change by the end of his time at the podium.

irst, he was softened up with a question having to do with last night's airing of the second part of 'Bill Belichick: A Football Life' on NFL Network. If you haven't seen it, record it on your DVR, look up clips online, sneak a peak through your neighbor's window -- it's worth it.

In last night's show, Belichick showed up to a Patriots Halloween party (organized by Randy Moss) dressed as a pirate. Eye patch, sword, cap, pirate goatee and all. He got called out today by ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss.

Were there any other costumes Belichick was thinking about?

"There probably were some other options," Belichick said with a smirk. "I was hoping you wouldn't recognize me in that one. That was a fun night. Randy did a good job organizing that. It was a good team-building exercise."

Then the 'Football Life' questions started flowing. What was up with Belichick not being able to figure out his car's clock?

"That was one of the big challenges that year," he said matter-of-factly. "I'm terrible at that stuff. If I didn't have younger people in my life that understood that, I'd be at a total loss.

"Just dumb it down for some of us," he pleaded.

Hear that, Volvo?

He didn't stop there. GPS systems caught some flack as well.

"It'd be nice if it worked," he said. "It's frustrating when they send you the address and say type this into the GPS and you type it in and the thing comes up and says, 'Not listed.' "

He closed his rant with, of all things, a Three Stooges reference. Who knew?

"Great line from Curly in 'The Three Stooges,' " Belichick said. " 'Hey what's wrong with this car . . . I don't know it seems fine . . . Clock's working.' "


"Back in those days, I mean whose clock worked when I was growing up? Whose clock worked?" Belichick asked.

Not sure how we got there, but we did. Then Belichick's mind quickly went back to business.

"See ya in Buffalo," he said. And like that the show was over. A rare glimpse into the pirate-loving, modern technology-loathing world in which Belichick lives. Or something like that.

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