Ryan says he fears Ochocinco's skills


Ryan says he fears Ochocinco's skills

By Tom E. Curran
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FOXBORO - After the Jets eliminated New England from the playoffs last January, the cry went out for a deep threat. Someone to take the top off the defense. Randy Moss had been that guy with mixed results against the Jets, but that was a minor detail. The Patriots' passing game was too horizontal and needed to get vertical.Enter Ocho. While the trade for once-brilliant Chad Ochocinco didn't bring aboard a deep threat in the mold of Moss, it did bring to town a better, longer downfield threat than the team had in its stable. So far, though, Ocho has been virtually silent. He's got seven catches for 113 inconsequential yards. If he makes substantial strides, he may become an afterthought in this offense. Right now he's barely considered. This Sunday's game against the Jets presents an opportunity for Ocho to make his presence felt. The Jets will undoubtedly focus on Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski. They have proven their potency this season. But will Ochocinco make the Jets quake? "I think first off, no matter what he has done or hasnt done or whatever, this offense is averaging 500 yards a game, so theyre doing something right," said Jets head coach Rex Ryan. "Ochocinco is a talent; if you sleep on him, he can blow a game wide open on you. He is an outstanding vertical receiving threat. I saw the one drop he had or something like that against Buffalo, but this guy is a very talented receiver.""Is" would appear to be a stretch in 2011. But maybe Ocho can start to change that on Sunday. Tom E. Curran can be reached at tcurran@comcastsportsnet.com. Follow Tom on Twitter at http:twitter.comtomecurran.

Giants coach: ‘We’re not going to turn our back on Josh [Brown]’

Giants coach: ‘We’re not going to turn our back on Josh [Brown]’

LONDON — Coach Ben McAdoo said Friday that the New York Giants have not yet decided whether Josh Brown will remain on the team after admitting to abuse of his former wife.

McAdoo faced repeated questioning about the kicker following the Giants' first practice in London for a game Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.

“We’re not going to turn our back on Josh,” McAdoo said. “He’s a teammate and a guy who we’re hoping makes strides.”

Brown did not travel to London and the team has yet to say if he will be suspended or cut following this week's publication of King County Sheriff's Office records in which the player said he physically abused his wife, Molly, over a protracted period. She told police in those documents that the abuse and other threatening behavior stretched from 2009, when she was pregnant with their daughter, to the Pro Bowl in January 2016.

At the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Brown's wife said she called NFL security to move her and her three children to another hotel to avoid harassment from her estranged husband. She said he pounded on her hotel door seeking to get in. The allegation is included in the final report filed last month by the investigating detective, King County Sheriff's Det. Robin Ostrum.

When asked whether the Giants knew about Brown's behavior at the Pro Bowl, McAdoo repeatedly said the Giants were still gathering information. Finally, he answered: "I'm not going to answer that."

When a reporter asked McAdoo about his comments earlier this year suggesting he would show no tolerance for players abusive of their family members, McAdoo said his comments then were more nuanced.

"When did I say zero tolerance?" he said, adding: "I do not support domestic violence, if that's what you're asking. I do not condone it."

McAdoo described Brown as a practicing Christian who was trying to improve his behavior and the Giants organization was supporting him in this. But when asked to explain how the Giants supported him or monitored his off-field behavior, McAdoo said he couldn't detail any specific acts of support.

The Giants have signed Robbie Gould, an 11-year veteran of the Chicago Bears who was cut in September for salary cap reasons. The 34-year-old will practice with the team Saturday.

"I've seen him make a lot of kicks against me in the past. He's been successful, and we're hoping that continues," the coach said of Gould.



Kusnierek: Lack of NFL discipline on Josh Brown disgraceful

Kusnierek: Lack of NFL discipline on Josh Brown disgraceful

Trenni Kusnierek is outraged, and rightfully so, by the actions - or lack thereof - by the NFL regarding domestic violence by Giants kicker Josh Brown.

Tom E. Curran details the NFL's botched investigation here.