Report: Haynesworth, Ochocinco deals restructured


Report: Haynesworth, Ochocinco deals restructured Staff Follow @csnnewengland
It was expected that Albert Haynesworth would restructure his deal when the Patriots traded a 2013 fifth-round pick for him, and now we know the new terms.

The Patriots have, according Jason Cole at Yahoo!, restructured Haynesworth's deal over the next two seasons. He was due to earn 5.4 million in base salary in 2011, but his base salary has been reduced to 1.5 million this season.

From Yahoo!:
Haynesworth can earn all the money and more back in incentives. He will earn 1 million if he plays in 20 percent of the plays and an additional 590,000 when he hits 45 percent, 50 percent, 55 percent, 60 percent and then 65 percent.Haynesworth, who signed a seven-year, 100 million deal with the Redskins in 2009, can also earn 400,000 if he makes the Pro Bowl. Thats a total of 5.85 million if Haynesworth hits all of his incentives.
Haynesworth's contract extends through the 2012 season, and he is due a base salary of 6.7 million in 2012, according to multiple reports.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke with media Wednesday and discussed bringing Haynesworth on board.

"I met with him. And you know, Ive learned in life and in business that people sometimes have different agendas," Kraft said. "I met with him and I like the guy, so I take people as he didnt come here for the money; he came here to be part of a team and win and I think in some ways, improve his reputation. Like a lot of meetings I have with these guys, I found him to be genuine and sincere so now I hope he gets out on the field and does his thing."

Chad Ochocinco, although seemingly less of a risk, also had his contract restructured through 2013. According to reports, Ochocinco's base salaries are 1 million in 2011, and 3 million in both 2012 and 2013.

ESPN Boston has reported that though Ochocinco restructured his deal to make less from his base salary, he got a signing bonus of 4.5 million. Ochocinco is scheduled to earn base salaries of 3 million apiece in 2011 and 2012, and he can earn an additional 100,000 in workout bonuses, according to the report.

Kraft is a fan of Ochocinco's, and seems to be amused by his wanting to live with a fan for a couple of weeks to get acclimated with the city.

"Well, first of all, you have to love the guy," Kraft said Wednesday. "I have people e-mailing me who would like to host him. Im not sure I want the responsibility, except someone prominent here in Foxboro has offered to be his host."

Kraft wouldn't say who the "prominent" name was though.

The restructuring of those two contracts along with the six-year contract extension of Logan Mankins ended quite a busy day for the Patriots on the business side of things.

Goodell: 'Of course' he'd pick up the phone for Brady settlement talks


Goodell: 'Of course' he'd pick up the phone for Brady settlement talks

While a settlement between the NFL and Tom Brady seems unlikely -- OK, highly unlikely -- commissioner Roger Goodell told ESPN Radio on Friday that he would "of course" pick up the phone if the Patriots or their quarterback called to discuss an agreement. 

Still, Goodell didn't say whether or not he would be open to knocking down Brady's four-game suspension that was reinstated by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling from earlier this week. 

"We had a lot of discussions last summer," Goodell said. "There were a lot of offers back and forth about what to do to settle the issue. They chose to pursue the issue and we chose to move forward and we are where we are."

There continue to be voices speaking out on how Goodell may wield too much power when it comes to player discipline, the latest of which being that of Saints quarterback Drew Brees. But Goodell defended his role, as he has most of this week, citing the importance of the "integrity of the game."

"I am not going to hand off the integrity of the NFL to somebody who does not understand our business," Goodell said. "That is what we're going to maintain when it comes to the integrity of the game. Maybe something as it relates to the drug program and whether proper protocol is followed? I get it. Go ahead. Somebody else can make that decision. But when it comes to integrity of the game, that is the commissioner's responsibilities and has been since the day the NFL was formed."

NFL Draft picks No. 25-31: Broncos move up to grab QB Lynch


NFL Draft picks No. 25-31: Broncos move up to grab QB Lynch

No access at Gillette? No first-round pick unless the Patriots make a swap into the latter stages of the round? No problem. We're all over it from the palatial offices here in Burlington. We go pick-by-pick through the first round.

Steelers: Artie Burns, CB, Miami

Mike Tomlin had to be a little bit miffed when he saw the Bengals take Williams Jackson III with the No. 24 pick. The Steelers needed a corner in the worst way, and their division rival took the top available player at that position one slot ahead of them. Credit Pittsburgh for sticking with its plan if it works out, though. Burns is a corner who has all the traits you could ever want -- length, athleticism, ball skills -- but he's going to need work on his technique if he wants to slow down AJ Green twice a year. 

Broncos: Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

He may not be ready to start right away, but the Broncos knew what they were doing when they traded up. Lynch is a big-armed quarterback who at 6-foot-7 has enough athleticism to be able to roll out and make throws on the run -- something that will be asked of him in Gary Kubiak's offense. Mark Sanchez still may be Denver's best bet in Week 1, but if Lynch even approaches his potential in Year 1, he could see some starter's snaps. 

Packers: Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA

He's not built like BJ Raji, but Clark will help fill left the void Raji left behind when the veteran defensive tackle walked away from the game this offseason. A strong player who hasn't yet turned 21 years old, Clark has all kinds of upside to offer Mike McCarthy's defense. 

49ers: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford

The Niners traded up to this spot, leading many to believe that they'd go after a quarterback. Connor Cook, perhaps? Instead they made the oh-so-flashy move to lock up a guard. Garnett had a lot of success in Stanford's pro-style offense playing alongside left tackle Kyle Murphy. Garnett is a machine in the running game and should be a longtime starter. 

Cardinals: Robert Nkemdiche, DL, Ole Miss

Arizona came into the draft pretty well-set offensively so adding an explosive presence on the interior like Nkemdiche helps make them a more well-rounded roster. He has plenty of off-the-field concerns, but if he can keep his head on straight, this will represent great value for coach Bruce Arians and Co. The Patriots offensive line will have its hands full Week 1 with Nkemdiche, Chandler Jones and Calais Campbell to worry about. 

Panthers: Vernon Butler, DL, Louisiana Tech

The Panthers could've used a corner or a receiver. A defensive end might've made sense, too. Instead, they went after this big-bodied monster. Weighing in at over 320 pounds, Butler handles his weight well and should be able to help collapse opposing offensive lines at the next level. A defense that was already very good just got a little better up front. 

Seahawks: Germain Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M

The Seahawks (and quarterback Russell Wilson) can breathe easy as they escape the first round with some much-needed offensive line help. There are some questions as to where Ifedi will play on the line -- is he a guard or a right tackle? -- but his length and overall athleticism should help him turn into a building block in the trenches.