PFT: Dungy would not want Haynesworth


PFT: Dungy would not want Haynesworth

Tony Dungy has stated that he would not have acquired Albert Haynesworth as Bill Belichick and the Patriots did.

While coaching the Indianapolis Colts, Dungy faced Haynesworth often as a division rival Tennessee Titan.

"Ive seen those great years he has when hes got something to prove and hes trying to make money," Dungy said about the defensive lineman's work ethic. "But Ive also we played against Albert Haynesworth in Indianapolis when he really wasnt playing hard."

From ProFootballTalk:

Dungy isnt prepared to say Haynesworth cant succeed in New England, mostly because Patriots coach Bill Belichick has a knack for bringing in problem players and getting them to work. But Dungy says he personally wouldnt want the headache.

Dungy showed more praise for Chad Ochocinco.

"I think Chad in the right spot can be very, very productive," he said. "He practices hard and loves the game. If he will buy into the Patriot way like Randy (Moss) did, he can go out there and be productive."

Report: Brown could be fined for violating league's social-media policy

Report: Brown could be fined for violating league's social-media policy

Antonio Brown's Facebook Live stream may have done more than earn him a stern talking-to from Mike Tomlin. It may have cost him some money.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Brown might be fined for violating the league's social-media policy. Enacted in 2009, the policy states that players, coaches and football operations personnel are banned from using social media on game days 90 minutes before kickoff, during games, and before "traditional media interviews."

Brown's live stream of the Steelers' postgame celebration Saturday night in Kansas City would certainly qualify as before "traditional media interviews." In fact, he started shooting before Tomlin even began his postgame address to players. 

That Brown caught Tomlin calling the Patriots "a**holes" prompted questions directed at Tom Brady and Bill Belichick during their respective interviews on WEEI Monday. Their responses were predictable