PFT: Brady on pace to break multiple records


PFT: Brady on pace to break multiple records

Despite throwing four interceptions on Sunday in the Patriots' loss to the Bills, Tom Brady continued on a pace to challenge the NFL's record book.

Brady threw for 387 yards in the game, accumulating 1,327 yards in the third week of the season. This is the greatest number of yards any player has thrown over any three week stretch in NFL history.

From ProFootballTalk:

If Brady stays healthy, he has an excellent chance of breaking Dan Marino's NFL record of 5,084 passing yards, set in 1984. Brady is on pace for an incredible 7,077 yards this season, and although it's not realistic to think he's going to keep this pace up, it's absolutely realistic to think he could average 290 yards a game the rest of the way, which would be enough to break Marino's record.

Brady is on pace to break his own NFL record of 50 touchdown passes. He is also, however, on pace to throw nearly double his career-worst 14 interceptions.