Patriots must adjust to re-sodded Oakland field

Patriots must adjust to re-sodded Oakland field

By Danny Picard Staff Reporter Follow @dannypicard
FOXBORO --With baseball season over, the Oakland Raiders have patchedup the dirt infield with newly sodded grass. According to Patriots widereceiver Wes Welker, the Raiders re-sodded the entire field.

From my understanding, they re-sodded the whole field, not just the infield soit should be pretty consistent. Its just a matter of what it is.

I think its just different on each field, how well ittakes to the ground, said Welker on Friday. Its just different places. Youdon't know what to expect until you get out there and see where its at.

Either way, Welker will be sure to check his footing theminute he steps on the field this weekend in Oakland, in order to get a feelfor what hell be running routes on, prior to Sunday's game.

Thats the way it is every place I go whether its turf or anything else,said Welker. Some turfs are different and things like that. You definitely gocheck your footing, especially on a thicker kind of grass field like that.

As for how much of a concern it will be for the Patriots,wide receiver Deion Branch said that if its any disadvantage at all, it willbe the same disadvantage for both teams.

Well adjust, said Branch. Well adjust. Well get outthere and see the field and get to running around and see whats what. Seewhats soft, what part of the field is natural and stable, and go from there.

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Do the Patriots have enough depth at wide receiver?

Do the Patriots have enough depth at wide receiver?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry join SNC to give their opinion on whether or not they think the New England Patriots have enough depth at wide receiver, and which player will land the 5th receiver spot.

Deal is done: Patriots announce they've traded Stork for conditional 7th rounder

Deal is done: Patriots announce they've traded Stork for conditional 7th rounder

FOXBORO -- The Patriots didn't release third-year center Bryan Stork, though they informed him they would do so early on Wednesday. Instead, they traded him to the Washington Redskins. 

The deal was announced on Wednesday afternoon. In return for the former fourth-round pick out of Florida State, the Patriots received a conditional 2017 seventh-round pick from Washington.

Stork is reportedly mulling retirement. If he does not report to the Redskins, and the conditions of the deal are not met, the Patriots would not receive compensation.

The seventh-round pick would provide the Patriots with a seventh-rounder in 2017 that they didn't have when the day began. The team traded its original seventh-rounder to the Lions last season in exchange for tight end Michael Williams.

(The Patriots could, in theory, receive a seventh-rounder from the Lions since they received a conditional seventh in a trade for linebacker Jonathan Bostic, who was sent to Detroit in May. But because Bostic is recovering from foot surgery, the conditions of that trade may prevent the pick from ever making its way to New England.)

The Patriots informed Stork of his release early Wednesday, but before that move was processed, the Patriots and Redskins were able to work out a deal. 

Stork has had difficulty staying healthy as a pro, his emotions sometimes got the best of him on the field, and teammate David Andrews had beaten him for the starting center role with the Patriots. Still, Stork's teammate and friend Jimmy Garoppolo said it was tough to see Stork move on.

Despite the question marks that accompany Stork's arrival in Washington -- that is, if he decides to report -- the Redskins were more than willing to pay the modest price to acquire him. They are desperate for help at the center position.