Ocho the chameleon will 'ride the wave' for Pats


Ocho the chameleon will 'ride the wave' for Pats

By Tom E. Curran
CSNNE.com Patriots InsiderFollow @tomecurranFOXBORO - The swarm ofmediaencircling Bill Belichick on the edge of the Patriots practice field suddenly shifted. Like guppies in a fish tank after a flake of food, the whole horde moved left leaving the three-time Super Bowl coach to smirk and say, "I guess I've been trumped."The new flake - an apt words in more ways than one - was descended upon. A cameraman shoved a reporter who took exception to being backed over in the scrum. Chad Ochocinco smiled. And the very talented, wonderfully entertaining player who has allowed himself to become a celebrity first and an NFL player second said he will change for the Patriots. "I'm gonna always be me," Ochocinco answered when I asked him if he plans to tone down his personality. "It's been a part of my game. I'm gonna always be me. But there's a certain way that the Patriots do it. And it's easy for me. I've always been a chameleon so I'm going to blend in and do it the Patriot way which is win. I think Bill, we had our talk, and without him having to say anything ... there's no need for some of the stuff I did before. There's no need for it."Funny is a matter of opinion.In mine, Chad Johnson is genuinely funny. A professional distraction? Yes. Buta legitimately entertaining person as opposed to being entertaining "for a football player." I think he is. Asked what he had to give up to second-year tight end in order to secure No. 85, Ocho answered that he gave him nothing. Ocho added that he would let Hernandez drive his Toyota Prius. Ocho also said he would give Hernandez some McDonald's coupons he has squirreled away, adding that "I don't eat there anymore."There are about 30 McDonald's billboards around the Patriots' practice field. Oops. Ocho did send love to his former team in Cincinnati. He should. They made things easy for him by sending him where he's been pining to go."The Bengals drafted me and I like to say that the fans made me who I am today," he offered. "I'm grateful for all that they've done. I'm grateful for everything (Bengals owner) Mike Brown has done for me, help me be able to provide for my family. And especially (Bengals coach Marvin Lewis). Regardless of what everyone thinks from the outside in, kudos for everything he's done and everything he's put up with from me. I thank Cincinnatti the organization. "It's a new chapter in my life. I'm happy to be here. It's gonna be a little quiet. You won't get the same Chad you're used to. I probably won't be talking to the media much. Probably not at all, really. I just want to play ball and just ride the wave."
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Ex-Pats Podcast: Defending Le’Veon Bell; Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live mishap


Ex-Pats Podcast: Defending Le’Veon Bell; Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live mishap

Dan Koppen, Jerod Mayo, and Mike Giardi discuss the upcoming AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jerod Mayo draws up a plan for defending running back Le’Veon Bell. Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live controversy is also broached.

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6:09 Improving pass protection vs Steelers

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20:19 The rivalry with Pittsburgh

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