NFL labor war: Setting the table for a busy Thursday

NFL labor war: Setting the table for a busy Thursday
March 3, 2011, 3:53 pm
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By Tom E. Curran

The last night of the league year is usually pretty fun. NFL teams gassing up their owner's private planes so they can touch down right after midnight and brand new free agents can be courted.This year? Not so fun. When the league year ends at midnight, the lights may go out for a while. The collective bargaining agreement expires, there's a gulf to be bridged between the NFL and the NFLPA before a new one is enacted and the lawyers are foiling up for a fight. We'll follow the progress down there and link you through to the poobah, Mike Florio at when necessary. His explanation of why the NFLPA may not want to decertify is good for the brain today as talk of decertification looms and most people don't know what the hell it means. Also today, there's a collection of Patriots at Children's Hospital for the Mix 104.1 "Cares for Kids Radiothon."Leigh Bodden, Patrick Chung, Jerod Mayo and Rob Ninkovich are expected to be there. We'll catch up with them after they visit with patients and help with the fundraising effort.

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