Meriweather's attorney: 'Nothing new to report'

Meriweather's attorney: 'Nothing new to report'
March 18, 2011, 1:21 am
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By TomE. Curran
The attorney for Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather scoffed at a report on SIRIUS Radio that Meriweather was indeed the shooter during the February 27 incident in Apopka, Florida. "There have been articles on that since the first day this came to light," said Adam Swickle, Meriweather's Fort Lauderdale-based attorney. "I can't stop people from saying 'credible sources tell me this'or this, that and the other. I can't comment on every person's allegation of what they believe to be credible.

"I stand by my comments and my involvement in the case from last week. I'm still in the process of investigating and the police are as well. Whenever their investigation is complete, I'm sure they'll have something to add. I leave that up to them, what they do with their case. I don't step on toes. I'll just say there's nothing new to report from when I spoke with the media last week."SIRIUS Radio's Dino Costa said Thursday night that an "impeccable source" told him that Meriweather was the shooter. Mike Florio has all the info on that right here. Meriweather, meanwhile, is in South Florida. He refused to delve into the case with Boston Globe reporter Bob Hohler, who was in Apopka this week.
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