Jets' pick once threatened H.S. teacher


Jets' pick once threatened H.S. teacher

By Tom E. Curran

Alesson to all high schoolerswho feel compelled to writea journal entry threatening tosuper glue their English teacher to the wall - naked - cut off her feet, smother her in gasoline and light her head on fire. Bad idea. Not a deal-breaker -Jets rookie Scotty McKnight did the same thing when he was a high school senior in California and he still got drafted by New York with a seventh-round pick - but it makes life harder than it has to be. "You really see how one small error in judgment can affect your whole life," McKnight told after he'd been drafted. As a high school senior at Tesoro (California) High School, McKnight's English class was required to keep up a creative writing journal. McKnight and another student wound up writing entries that would make Eli Roth's eyebrows rise. One of the entries?"Right now you look friendly, soon you will look mutilated. I am planning on coming in to your room late one night while you're still working . . . I will then super glue you to the wall naked and cut your feet off . . . Later I will smother you in gasoline and light your head on fire, putting the fire out right before your head is charred . . . I will defecate in your mouth."McKnight's teacher didn't appreciate the image. He was suspended along with another student who wrote equally vile and threatening entries, spent time in court, lost a scholarship to Boise State and had to make the Colorado team as a walk-on. McKnight - 5-11, 185 pounds - finished his college career with 215 catches and 22 touchdowns. McKnight is best friends with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez which, according to reporters, helped spur the team into drafting him. Of course, high school shenanigans are not the sole province of Jets draft picks. (See Smith, Lee, fifth-round pick of the Patriots; first-round selection of one of his high school assistant principals.) In a not wholly unrelated note, Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich did not get drafted.

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Rex Ryan: 'If Belichick's playing quarterback, we're coming after him'


Rex Ryan: 'If Belichick's playing quarterback, we're coming after him'

Must be Bills week. 

After Rex Ryan's club put together an impressive win at home over the Cardinals, 33-18, it wasn't long before the Bills coach was yapping about the Patriots and their coach Bill Belichick.

Ryan was asked about the quarterback situation in New England since both Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett are dealing with injuries at the moment. Who might the Bills see when they visit Gillette Stadium?

"Look, I can sit back and say I don’t care who plays quarterback, cuz I know (Tom) Brady ain’t," he said. "I don’t care who plays quarterback; Steve Grogan can play quarterback. If Belichick’s playing quarterback, we’re coming after him. I promise you that."

There's no indication yet as to whether or not Garoppolo or Brissett will be unavailable for Week 4. When asked about his level of concern when it came to his quarterbacks, Belichick didn't say much during a conference call on Sunday

Ryan, like the rest of us, will probably have to wait for the Patriots to release an injury report before he learns about the status of either young passer. And until then, he'll have to prepare for both. 

Bill Belichick says Brad Stevens has given him 'a lot of insight' on coaching

Bill Belichick says Brad Stevens has given him 'a lot of insight' on coaching

Celtics coach Brad Stevens told reporters last week that spending time with Bill Belichick can make you "feel pretty inadequate as a coach."

But Belichick raved about Stevens during a conference call on Sunday. The two spent time together on Friday night for the Hall of Fame Huddle fundraiser to benefit Belichick's foundation, and the Patriots coach explained that he's learned a lot from the Celtics boss.

"Got to know Brad ove the last couple of years," Belichick said. "I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he's done, taking a young team, a team that we barely knew some of the players on the team, and in a couple of years has built them into a strong team last year and played very competitively in the playoffs. Fun to go over there and watch them.


"Brad and I have talked about a lot of things that are just coaching-related. Obviously the sports are different. I don't know anything about basketball, and he says he doesn't know much about football. It's really not about Xs and Os and that kind of thing. It's more the other parts of coaching: Preparation, training, team work, team-building, confidence, communication, players and coaches relationships and so forth.

"Obviously we're in the same business in taking more people to training camp than we can keep on a roster, then managing a roster and dealing with things that happen during the year with that roster, whether it's bringing other guys onto the team, trades and so forth. We've chatted about a lot of those things. He's given me a lot of insight.

"I'd say some of the players they get are a little younger than the guys we get on average. Kids that are coming out of college after one year, we get them after three years or four. Just the trans from college to pro which he obviously has a lot of experience with. Coming to the New England area for most players, that's an adjustment, we don't get too many guys from this area. All of those things like that."