Haynesworth's history of summer knee maintenance


Haynesworth's history of summer knee maintenance

By Tom E. Curran
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FOXBORO - Albert Haynesworth missed practice for the second consecutive day on Saturday, but he will not miss practice on Sunday. There is none. Haynesworth's absence, while not addressed by Bill Belichick (media was offered offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien and receivers coach Chad O'Shea as featured speakers), bears watching. But it doesn't invite panic. The 30-year-old Haynesworth is in his 10th NFL season. He weighs around 330 pounds. He has, according to a Washington Post story from 2009, had injections of a joint lubricant called Synvisc in his left knee every summer dating back to his final two seasons in Tennessee.Said Haynesworth back in 2009, "It's nothing new for me," Haynesworth said. The shot, he said, "really does help. Your body produces this stuff, and it just gives me more, and it gives me more lubricant around the knee."Around this time last year, Haynesworth was dealing with a sore knee that needed an MRIThat, of course, turned into the Shanahan vs. Haynesworth Showdown Sideshow over the team's conditioning run. That situation - and Haynesworth's entire Redskins tenure - muddied the water around Haynesworth so thoroughly that now any missed practice or absence carries a whiff of dread that the same thing may be kicking up again. In all likelihood, though, the only thing that's kicking up in Haynesworth's knee and the need to take it easy on it.With the lockout eliminating offseason conditioning programs and Haynesworth persona non grata with Washington, it's exceedingly likely he didn't get a lot of maintenance work done before coming to New England. It's a pretty safe bet that he's currently in the shop.
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Gronkowski after surgery: 'Dance floor tomorrow night... here I come'

Gronkowski after surgery: 'Dance floor tomorrow night... here I come'

After undergoing back surgery earlier in the day on Friday, Rob Gronkowski is back on his feet and cracking jokes.

The injured Patriots tight end posted a video of himself on his feet with the assistance of a walker captioned "Rehab day 1! "Can't nobody hold me down... Oo no I got to keep on movin"


In the video, Gronk takes a few steps and says, “Dance floor tomorrow night. . . here I come.”

Watch the video below [NSFW language from Gronk's dad]

Rehab day 1! "Can't nobody hold me down... Oo no I got to keep on movin"

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