Fitzpatrick: 'I felt like I was violated' by Patriots


Fitzpatrick: 'I felt like I was violated' by Patriots

By Phil Perry

The bottom of a pile of football players can be a place of unspeakable ugliness, but that didn't keep Ryan Fitzpatrick from discussing his experience against the Patriots on Sunday.

The Bills quarterback took a knee or fell on the ball near the goal line five times late in the fourth quarter as Buffalo ran the clock out before calling on Rian Lindell to kick the game-winning field goal. After one of those short-lived plays, Fitzpatrick found himself in the middle of some angry Patriots.

"It was getting pretty chippy, especially at the end there," Fitzpatrick told Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show. "Obviously no one wants to lose, and they're a group that doesn't lose much."

Then Fitzpatrick accused New England's defense of doing some dirty, dirty things where the cameras couldn't see. Vince Wilfork was called for a personal foul penalty during that series, but Fitzpatrick said he didn't know which individual Patriot was to blame.

"On one of those plays they were trying to act like I fumbled it," Fitzpatrick said. "I was getting pinched and poked and prodded. I don't know. I felt like I was violated a little bit."

Violated and then snubbed. Fitzpatrick said he looked for Brady after the game for the usual postgame congratulationconsolation that goes on between NFL quarterbacks, but Brady was long gone before Fitzpatrick could stop him.

"He ran off," Fitzpatrick said. "It seemed like he didn't want to talk to anybody."

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