Curran's Dallas Diary: Frozen on Media Day


Curran's Dallas Diary: Frozen on Media Day

By TomE. Curran

DALLAS - So here's that story I was telling you about Monday night. There's a guy down here in the Dallas media. Apparently, he's got a sister who works for an airline. And he overheard a friend of mine from L.A. discussing plans to fly to Hawaii with his family. So the Dallas guy - who might be best described as lovably eccentric - says he's going to do the L.A. guy a solid. He can get free tickets to Hawaii not just for the L.A. guy but the whole family.
This, of course, is a boon. The Dallas guy says he just needs to check something and he'll be in touch. A couple of days later, the Dallas guy calls my L.A. buddy and says it's all set. All my L.A. buddy needs to do is go down and officially change his last name at least 30 days before they're going to fly. That way, he's a family member. And the wife and kids? They need to officially change their last names too. But once the trip's taken and everybody's back, they can change their name back. Easy, peezy, lemon-squeezy. Anyway, it's like -44 degrees here on Tuesday and I ain't kidding. The coldest I've been this year was the day after Christmas in Buffalo when a snowstorm blew in after the game and I stood on the field for 20 minutes dressed insufficiently . . . and it was just as cold Tuesday in Dallas. It wasn't just that the temperature was about 15. It was the 40 mph winds and ice shards being swept through the air that got me. I mean, you know and I know what cold's all about? This was stupid. Painful. Of course, this being Texas, they were well-equipped to deal with the snow and ice falling on their sidewalks and roadways.
They just stared at it.
No lie. The highways were a sheet of ice in some spots and there was an intermingling of driving attitudes ranging from "If I go 11 mph I will survive this day" to "I'm from Texas, everything's bigger here and, dadgum, my Chevy goes 75 come rain, shine or sheets of ice." Some of those guys were no doubt among the nine spinouts I witnessed on the way from Arlington where media day was held at the Cowboys Stadium back to Dallas. I bailed on the Packers media day and wrote my 5 this morning instead and got over to the Steelers at 12. My goal was to find Chad Ochocinco (success) and ask him about the Patriots (success). I already knew I was writing on Roethlisberger's redemption and had my artillery so I was more there to observe than collect. All right, there's a media party with all the BBQ you (or I) can eat going on right now at the Hard Rock here in Dallas. So I'm gonna git some before it's all gone. The thing started at 8 central and it's 9:30.
Click here for my entry from Monday.
Check in tomorrow for more. This diary seemed like an awesome idea Sunday. Not as awesome today. I'll need a second wind.
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Patriots-Steelers injury report: Seven Pats listed as questionable


Patriots-Steelers injury report: Seven Pats listed as questionable

FOXBORO -- The Patriots will head into Sunday's AFC title game with seven players listed as questionable, including three receivers. 

Danny Amendola, Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Hogan have all been limited in practices this week due to their injuries. Amendola has been dealing with an ankle issue since a Week 13 win over the Rams, while Mitchell has not played since injuring his knee in Week 16 against the Jets. Hogan suffered a thigh injury against the Texans and left the game in the third quarter.

Both Hogan and Mitchell indicated this week that they were moving in the right direction in terms of their recoveries. One would think that the Patriots would need at least one, if not both, to help stress the back end of the Steelers secondary this weekend.

Hogan has been the team's most consistent down-the-field threat this season, averaging a whopping 17.9 yards per catch during the regular season. Against the Texans, before his injury, he reeled in four passes for 95 yards. 

Mitchell, meanwhile, had a very productive second half of his rookie season before he was hurt. He compiled 25 catches for 306 yards between Weeks 11 and 16, establishing himself as one of Tom Brady's go-to targets. 

The overall health of the Patriots receiving corps -- which will also include Julian Edelman and Michael Floyd -- will bear watching when the Patriots and Steelers kick off in two days.

The injury report for Sunday's Patriots-Steelers game:


WR Danny Amendola (ankle)
TE Martellus Bennett (knee)
RB Brandon Bolden (knee)
LB Dont'a Hightower (shoulder)
WR Chris Hogan (thigh)
WR Malcolm Mitchell (knee)
DL Jabaal Sheard (knee)


TE Ladarius Green (concussion/illness)
LB James Harrison (shoulder/triceps)
RB Fitzgerald Toussaint (concussion)

RB Le'Veon Bell (not injury related)
K Chris Boswell (illness)
LB Anthony Chickillo (ankle)
S Sean Davis (shoulder)
C B.J. Finney (illness)
WR Darrius Heyward-Bay (illness)
DE Ricardo Mathews (ankle)
QB Zach Mettenberger (illness)
S Michael Mitchell (not injury related)
QB Ben Roethlisberger (not injury related)
LB Vince Williams (shoulder)