Curran: 40 lines on 20 issues


Curran: 40 lines on 20 issues

Twenty thoughts in 40 lines . . .

Last season, Brandon Tate was targeted 46 times and caught 24 passes for 432 yards and three touchdowns. In the Patriots' first 10 games last year, he was targeted 33 times and caught 18 passes for 301 yards and a touchdown.

Bonus! He also had 29 kickoff returns in the first 10 games, averaging 30.5 yards per return and taking two back for touchdowns.

The player that replaced Tate in the Patriots offense has been targeted 23 times and has 11 receptions for 201 yards. He hasnt scored a touchdown, he hasnt taken back a kick.

So that player Chad Ochocinco has 47 less touches for 987 fewer yards and three fewer touchdowns than Tate did. Of course, hes making about 5.5 million more than Tate, so it all makes sense.

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has a bruised foot suffered Sunday in the Eagles win over the Giants. Anything that helps slow down the player recently voted the second-fastest in the league in a SI poll of players is good news for the Patriots.

Ray Lewis felt badly about not being available to speak to the media on Tuesday so he released a statement, saying, I apologize for not being available as I normally am on a day like today, but I am taking every opportunity to get treatment on my foot to prepare to play on Thursday. What a weirdo, right?

For Monday nights live (LIVE!) Quick Slants show, one of the prop bets was which would be higher, the game-time temperature or the total points scored. The points scored came out on top, 37 to 33.

Why do cigarettes get a special litter dispensation? If you saw someone throw a straw wrapper on the ground or out a car window youd say, What the hell . . . but butts get a relative free ride.

Matt Lights ankle is going to be sore for a few weeks. But there is no danger of it being a long-term injury.

Kyle Loves Twitter avatar tells the story that Ryan Lilja may not be able to recall. The blossoming Patriots defensive tackle de-cleated Lilja on one of Kyle Arringtons picks.

Later, Love told me, It actually hurt. He's heavy, I actually hurt my back a little bit. I caught a glimpse of it on the Jumbotron. They're trying to hit us too. That's how football works.

Clearly, the crime-and-punishment portion of the NFL game is pretty screwed up right now. Whether on simple penalties a flag last week for Sterling Moore when he dislocated a teammates shoulder; fines handed out to players whose helmet-to-helmet contact is wholly incidental or initiated by the offensive players or shame-the-game infractions like 75,000 to Rex Ryan this week.

The whole thing needs an overhaul . . . and when that happens, how about fines by percentage? A first-offense dangerous hit fine should be .05 percent of a players cap number for that season.

So if Brandon Deaderick and his 468,000 cap hit get dinged for a blow to a quarterbacks head, hes out 2,340. And Shaun Ellis? Hes out 20,000 for the same hit thanks to his 4 million cap number.

So it needs some tweaking. At least its a thought.

Monday was the first time Jerod Mayo looked like the pre-MCL Jerod Mayo. Hats off to him and Aaron Hernandez for hustling back from those injuries, but its hard to maintain that level of play when youre playing three weeks after a six-week injury is sustained.

Well see what happens with Brandon Spikes in that regard. If he sits out through the Colts game, that would be four full weeks off.

The Eagles defense, considering the way they played against the Giants? Kind of a tough draw for the Patriots this week.

I dont know how much more talented physically the current Patriots secondary guys are compared to the ones whove been ushered out this year. But they sure seem a lot smarter.

My oldest kid broke every toe on his right foot skateboarding Tuesday night and I spent thenight in the ER and got home a bit late to properly finish this out. So,begging your pardon,I prematurely put a bow on this little number and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

Quick Slants Podcast: Antonio Brown’s betrayal; Matt Light; eyeing up Pittsburgh


Quick Slants Podcast: Antonio Brown’s betrayal; Matt Light; eyeing up Pittsburgh

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss the aftermath of Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live video. Curran interview Matt Light ahead of the AFC Championship. They dissect the press conferences of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and look at how to beat the Steelers.

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2:29 Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live aftermath

13:14 Stopping Le’Veon Bell

27:16 heywassyonumba? with Patrick Chung and Kyle Van Noy

32:30 Injury report updates for AFC Championship

36:51 Brady and Belichick’s press conferences

44:50 Matt Light interview

Belichick asked if playing at home helps: 'Go ask Dallas and Kansas City'

Belichick asked if playing at home helps: 'Go ask Dallas and Kansas City'

FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick knows that how you play, not where, is what matters most. 

That's why when he was asked on Wednesday about the advantage the Patriots will have by playing at Gillette Stadium in the AFC title game, he wasn't willing to go all-in on how a comfortable environment will positively impact his team.

"I don’t know," he said. "Go ask Dallas and Kansas City."

The Patriots apparently thought enough of home-field advantage that they played their starters throughout their regular-season finale win in Miami, exposing their best players to potential injury in order to maintain their positive momentum while simultaneously ensuring a better road to the Super Bowl. 

The Patriots fans in attendance on Sunday will help when the Patriots take on the Steelers, Belichick acknowledged. But there's much more to it than that. 

"Yeah, of course," he said, "but the game is won by the players on the field. That’s who wins football games – the players. And they’ll decide it Sunday night."

And if you needed any further proof, just ask the Cowboys and Chiefs how helpful their home crowds were in the Divisional Round.