Caserio to pull back veil on draft process


Caserio to pull back veil on draft process

By Tom E. Curran

Curious how the NFL Draft sausage gets made?
Yeah, me too. That's why I'm looking forward to this afternoon's media session with Nick Caserio, the Patriots Director of Player Personnel. Caserio is down to discuss all the practical parts of draft day. The ratings, the trade calls, the under-the-gun decision-making. Normally, we get Bill Belichick for this predraft summit meeting and while he's fascinating, he sometimes gets into the shrug and grunt after he gets asked one too many questions asking for specifics. It's not like Caserio is going to be a font of information on prospects but he should afford us with at least a few more nuggets. I'm interested in finding out answers to the following:When a player is flagged whether it be for physical or character issues, is there a spot at which he drops and becomes palatable? How much time is spent on investigating other teams' rosters and needs and collecting information on who they may select?Do agents impact the grades given to players? What's been the stickiest, most pressure-filled moment he's experienced? How is the lack of free agency impacting this year's operation? We'll be tweeting and blogging from there this afternoon so we'll keep you posted.
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Faulk: Brady thanked me for wearing his jersey at NFL Draft


Faulk: Brady thanked me for wearing his jersey at NFL Draft

Many -- most? -- of Tom Brady's teammates, and ex-teammates, feel the same as the denizens of Patriots Nation: That the future Hall of Fame quarterback has been unfairly railroaded in the kangaroo court of Roger Goodell and Ted Wells and the NFL.

Unlike the rest, however, Kevin Faulk had the chance to do something about it.

He made an unmistakable statement when, while making one of the Patriots' picks at the recent NFL Draft, he whipped off his jacket and displayed a Patriots jersey adorned with Brady's No. 12. And he punctuated it with a look of total defiance on his face.

Pats fans loved it. And so did a certain quarterback.

Brady called Faulk and, according to the ex-running back, told him: "Thank you for just showing the respect that we had for each other."

"That was all it [was]," Faulk said Tuesday morning on Toucher & Rich. "It wasn't [a] big, drawn-out deal, nothing like that. It was, 'Thank you.' . . .

"We may not talk every day, but whenever we do pick up the phone to call to each other, we can help each other out."

Still, Faulk admitted to nerves prior to the moment, Until . . . 

"[I] went to the green room right before they take you to the stage," he related. "And the girl who took me to the green room, she was a New England Patriots fan. And she was like, 'I love it!' So that just gave me that much more . . . confidence.

"It was like, 'Let's go do this!' "