Brady shrugs off Jets' Super Bowl proclamation


Brady shrugs off Jets' Super Bowl proclamation

By Jimmy Toscano

Did you hear the news? The Jets are going to the Super Bowl!

And they were going last year.

And the year before that.

It's pretty clear by now that Rex Ryan and the Jets like to talk about how good they're going to be, but they have zero Super Bowls to show for it so far.

Tom Brady appears just as tired of hearing that proclamation as the rest of us are, and he told reporters that they won't hear the Pats talking that way.

"We've heard that for a few years," Brady said of the Jets' Super Bowl talk. "So, you don't ever hear us talking too much about that ... It's so far away at this point, we've got other things on our mind."

Both teams have come up short over the past years, so talking about the Super Bowl or not talking about the Super Bowl -- it's what goes on in the field that matters.

Brady mum on suspension plans: 'I don't want to give away all my secrets'


Brady mum on suspension plans: 'I don't want to give away all my secrets'

FOXBORO -- Tom Brady's smile at the Gillette Stadium podium belied his reluctance to divulge any information about his plans for his four-week suspension. He was the feline pleasantly digesting the canary that the NFL had shoved down his throat.

Brady won't be allowed at the Patriots facilities, and he won't be allowed to be in contact with teammates or coaches for football-related matters. On Tuesday, in what will likely be his final meeting with reporters until after his suspension, Brady was asked what he'll do during his time away in order to remain sharp. 

"We'll see," he said.

Would he plan on staying in the area?

"We'll see," he repeated.

Did he plan on telling members of the media exactly what he planned on doing?

"No," Brady said. "I don't. In case anyone else is in this situation in the future, I don't want to give away all my secrets."

Brady will gladly share his thoughts on his nutrition plan and deliver it to your doorstep for a couple hundred bucks, but workouts like the ones he performs on his own in the offseason -- or the ones he'll take on for most of September -- he generally keeps close to the vest. 

Brady's business partner and friend Alex Guerrero, who along with Brady runs the TB12 Performance Center at Patriot Place, will be able to work with Brady during his time off. Guerrero is often on the Patriots sidelines or in the Patriots locker room, but he is not a team employee, meaning time with him would not violate the terms of Brady's suspension, an NFL spokesperson told CSN's Mike Giardi.

"That's nice of them," Brady said sarcastically. 

"We've been working together for over 12 years now," Brady added. 'He's one of my best friends. We'll do what we always do. Work. We'll use all these days in the best way that's possible to stay prepared and stay sharp. I have ideas that I need to do. Based on the practices that we've had and the limited playing time that I've had. My goal is to come back and be the best I can be. Just like every other year. Just like every offseason, I'm gonna do the best I can do over these next however many days, 30 days or so, to do the same thing. 

"I've got a good day of practice. I've tried to look at all these days of practice as ways to get better. I have access to the fields, and throwing to my receivers. Try to use those days the best that I can, just like I always would. I got another hopefully opportunity to play on Thursday night, be with the team Friday, and then try to do the best that I can over the next month."

His plans for the next month, however, will remain secret for now.

Tom Brady will be able to workout with "body guru" Alex Guerrero during suspension

Tom Brady will be able to workout with "body guru" Alex Guerrero during suspension

Tom Brady will have to leave the Patriots facility Saturday to begin his four-game suspension, but, according to Brian McCarthy of the NFL public relations office, he'll still be allowed to workout with his body guru/business partner Alex Guererro, despite the fact he's a team employee.

However, no football information may come through the Patriots for Guerrero to pass on to Brady.

Guerrero works with other players and travels with team.

When told at his press conference Tuesday that the league was OK with him continuing to work out with Guererro during his suspension, Brady responded: "That's nice of them."

For more on what Brady can and can't do during the suspension, click here. 

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