Brady explains why he opted for Broadway


Brady explains why he opted for Broadway

By Tom E. Curran

Eyebrows rose andtsks were tskedwhen it was learned Tom Brady spent Saturday night watching the play "Lombardi" on Broadway rather than the Jets-Colts Wild Card game. Asked Monday morningon WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Show why he took a pass, Brady explained the tickets were purchased far in advance and thatit was something hehad planned with his wife, Giselle Bundchen. He also added thathis two best friends convinced him to watch the second half of the game after they got out of the play. "I get very anxious watching those games," Brady explained. "I watched the second half and I was kinda pissed I watched it because I didnt fall asleep until 3 a.m.I get all riled up. I start rooting for a team . . . "Brady wasn't asked which side he was rooting for in Colts-Jets. He did say that he checked his Blackberryduring the first half tokeep up on the progress. When it was mentioned to Brady that maybe Jets coach Rex Ryan is right, that maybe Peyton Manning does study harder than the play-watching Brady, Brady laughed and said, "Maybe hes right . . . Ill just . . . hes a good coach."This will be a big week forus media types to keep our collective ear to the ground. You never know when a disrespecting sentence could be dropped that will prop up a day's coverage. Brady - and the rest of the Patriots - continue not to buy into that program. "I dont think anything people say has bothered me good, bad or indifferent over the years," Brady revealed. "Everyone has their opinion . . . I feel really confident with our team and the way our team prepares each week. Im sure well be prepared going into Sunday . . . Ihave a lot of respect for Ryan's ability as a coach and hell do what he needs to do to get his team ready. Were motivated by much more than what someone may say to us or about us . . . There will be a lot of hype and buildup and the reality is, none of it matters."To say, 'Were gonna do this, were gonna do that . . . ' That doesnt mean anything. Its a lot more hype than substance . . . We could sit here and make a bunch of predictions . . . Same thing going into the last game. There's all the hype and talking and then the whistle blows at 4:30 Sunday afternoon. Well see whos ready to play."

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Ex-Pats Podcast: Defending Le’Veon Bell; Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live mishap


Ex-Pats Podcast: Defending Le’Veon Bell; Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live mishap

Dan Koppen, Jerod Mayo, and Mike Giardi discuss the upcoming AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jerod Mayo draws up a plan for defending running back Le’Veon Bell. Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live controversy is also broached.

2:30 Recapping the win over Houston

6:09 Improving pass protection vs Steelers

8:18 Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live controversy

13:00 Defending Le’Veon Bell

17:35 Importance of tackling vs Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger

20:19 The rivalry with Pittsburgh

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