Belichick: Brady is a difficult player to coach


Belichick: Brady is a difficult player to coach

By Tom E. Curran Patriots Insider Follow @tomecurran
FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick sat down with Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network this week to talk about the upcoming season.

The NFLN folks were good enough to forward over a pair of Brady-related quotes from the interview which will air on NFL GameDay Morning this Sunday at 9:00 AM ET.

Lombardi asked Belichick about Brady's comment earlier this year that he hadn't gotten over the loss to the Jets in the 2010 postseason.

Im not sure how many losses Ive ever gotten over," Belichick replied. "I remember a couple of games I lost in high school and Im still not over those losses either. When you put a lot into the game, the losses stay with you. Thats part of sports. You can never get them back, but it just drives you a little harder next time.

Having been in a losing Patriots locker room and seeing how visibly angry Belichick can be, that's not hard to believe.

After the 2005 playoff loss to Denver, I remember clearly him walking through the locker room, his face a mask of focused, quiet anger. You saw it in 2006 after the AFC Championship loss to the Colts in his postgame interview. You saw it again after Super Bowl 42. Belichick empties his soul into these games -- which may not be the healthiest approach -- and the convalescence from a season-ending loss is ongoing.

Lombardi asked Belichick about working 1-on-1 with Brady as was seen in "Bill Belichick: A Football Life."

"Tom and I get together every week and talk about the preparation for the team were playing," Belichick explained. "Hes a tough player to coach because hes so well prepared; hes seen all of the games, hes seen all of the plays. You cant walk into a meeting with Tom Brady and only have watched half of the film because hell bring up things that hes seen in other games. You dont want to be sitting there saying I didnt watch this, or I didnt watch that.

In a story I did for prior to the 2009 season, Belichick told me the same thing but elaborated a bit more.

"You have to be better prepared than he is because he sets such a high standard with his preparation and his level of understanding, Belichick told me. As a coach, youre competing with that, trying to exceed that or else, what are you doing (for him)?

You dont want to go into a meeting with him and say, Well, this team didnt hit a lot of outcuts against (this defense). Hell turn around and say, Well, in the Green Bay game last year they did. They hit five of them. Youll want to have seen that game and make sure you know what happened so that hes not telling you what happened when you should be telling him what happened.

Should be an interesting watch.

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Rex Ryan prepares for Tom Brady: 'This is a critical game for us'


Rex Ryan prepares for Tom Brady: 'This is a critical game for us'

After four wins in a row, Rex Ryan’s employment status had been taken off life support in Buffalo and was -- almost -- good as new.
But a Sunday toe-stub in Miami in which Buffalo suffered a 28-25 loss to the Dolphins set the Bills back a bit. Now, instead of hosting the Patriots this Sunday with a chance to secure a season sweep and move into a first-place tie in the AFC East, Buffalo’s back there at 4-3 just trying to get close.
“Sure we have to learn from things, there’s no question about it, but the more we dwell on (the loss to Miami), it doesn’t help us. We’ve got a bigger task in front of us,” said Ryan.
There is a myriad of differences between Ryan and Bill Belichick but one of the starkest is Ryan’s inability to treat ‘em all the same.
While Belichick will acknowledge that some games carry more import than others -- division games, conference games, etc -- he’s not going to allow his team to poke its head up and look down the road at what’s coming next.
Ryan lets it all hang right out there.
“I don’t know how much more important it could be than this one,” Ryan said when asked about Sunday’s matchup with the 6-1 Pats. “I mean, I could lie to you and say that it’s not important, but yeah, this is a critical game for us. There’s no doubt about it. Does it break your season if you lose? I hope I don’t have to worry about that. We’ve got to find a way to win this game.”
The Bills reveled modestly after their 16-0 win at Foxboro when Jacoby Brissett scuffled in the final week of Tom Brady’s suspension. The gloating was mild. Ryan acknowledged plainly that shutting out the Patriots without Brady wasn’t really shutting out the Patriots.
But there’s no question that game at the start of this month was one the Bills approached with a helluva lot more swagger than normal. The “Where’s your big brother now?” vibe of the pregame scuffle in which the Bills jostled rookies Brissett and Malcolm Mitchell as the two players took the same sideline jog Brady and the Patriots quarterbacks have done at Gillette for a decade set the tone.
And then the Bills went out and had their way. Asked about that scuffle, which resulted in fines for some Jets players, Ryan said, “Well, these two teams don’t like each other. There’s no question about that, but I don’t think there was a real fight, you know? A real fight would be outside in the parking lot. You know what I mean? Then you’ve really got something to write about, but that thing was hardly a fight, I think.”
The blanking and the bullying may be talking points in Foxboro this week but they probably won’t rallying cries. Odd as it sounds, the Patriots don’t merely compete against opponents when they play but measure the day’s success on how well they performed relative to perfection. You could see after the 11-point win in Pittsburgh that there was dissatisfaction on both sides of the ball with how things went.
That fact alone will make it an arduous week of practice as much as the reality that the Patriots are playing the team right behind them in the division.
Ryan knows it’s a much different team he’ll face Sunday.
“It’s not about validating ourselves,” he said. “We’ve just got to find a way to win. In regards to who we’re playing, you know, [Brady] looks great. He’s got those two great tight ends -- they’re big. They’ve still got [Julian] Edelman out there. They’ve got everybody they had out there last time, but they’ve got their player back. So we know the challenge in front of us.”