Belichick, athletes send condolences to Krafts


Belichick, athletes send condolences to Krafts

With the news of the passing of Myra Kraft, athletes -- some Patriots, some not -- took to Twitter and other outlets to give their condolences to the Kraft family.
Coach Bill Belichick: On behalf of the entire Patriots football operation, we mourn the passing of Myra Kraft. As much support as her quiet but unmistakable presence provided us in the competitive arena and as much as I personally will miss her warm embraces before and after each game, Myra shined brightest in a much broader arena. In the humanitarian arena, her generosity through philanthropy was admired and appreciated by all. She made a permanent impression on hundreds of coaches, players, staff and our families as a model of grace, strength and giving. Myras vision and example will impact and remain very much with our team forever.

Matt Light: "She wasn't someone that we saw like Robert and Johnathan and the rest of the family. but her impact was felt in many other ways. And just the things that she did in that community and what that did for the guys on the team. It really drove me to do a lot and to give back, to find my little niche, and to be a part of that community. And I'll tell you she's an incredible person, she really was."
Jerod Mayo to Boston Globe: "I am extremely saddened with the passing of Myra Kraft. Shehas been a mainstay in the community and the Patriots family. Her giving spirit along with her countless random acts of kindness and philanthropy will continue to be a legacy to be remembered."

Vince Wilfork: "(expletive) lockout I don't even know how to get in touch with Mr. Kraft to offer my support and condolences a wonderful life lost that I probably would have had the chance to see again if it wasn't for the problems!! Luv ya Myra "momma". Sorry guys had to vent myra was a wonderful woman who my wife and I loved dearly somuchmorethanfootball"

Kevin Faulk to Boston Globe: "Myra Kraft meant a whole lot to me and my family with her influence and her generosity. ... She did so much for the state of Massachusetts as well as the Patriots."

Leigh Bodden: "Praying for & wishing the Kraft Family the best through this tough time."

Darius Butler: "My condolences and prayers go out to the Kraft family during this tough time."

Brett Lockett: "All my prayers and blessings go out to Robert Kraft and the Kraft family. We are suffering a major loss in the Patriot family."

Devin McCourty: "Please give your thoughts and prayers to Mr. Kraft and his family on the passing of Mrs. Kraft."
Zoltan Mesko: "Behind every great man, there stands a great woman My thoughts and prayers go out to the Kraft family. Rest in Peace Myra H. Kraft."

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: "I would like to extend my prayers and sincere condolences to the Kraft family during this difficult time. Please keep them In your prayers."

Julien Edelman: "My Prayers go out to the Kraft family."
Heath Evans: "We have lost 1 of the greatest women I know & hands down the finest in all of sports wthe passing of Mrs. Myra Kraft"

Dane Fletcher: "RIP Myra Kraft Thoughts & prayers go out to Mr. Kraft and the Kraft family, she was a very unique & special person!"

Taylor Price: "Prayers and condolences go out to Myra Kraft and the Kraft family."

Lawyer Milloy: "Myra Kraft has passed away. With my Brisk depature from Boston, she is the one person that I regret not saying goodbye too. As a young playerman she was a gr8 example of how a woman stands beside, not behind, a man of power! I never got a chance to say thanks 4 that lasting impression. R.I.P. You will be missed."
Taylor Twellman (Revolution): "Today is a very sad day. Myra Kraft in '02 when I came to Boston opened her arms to me and made me feel like her son. morethansports. And will forever remember what MyraRobert meant to me and my parents when I signed @NERevolution. My 2nd set of parents were n Boston!"

Chad Ochocinco: "@lindacohn I've never been part of the Patriot organization but my condolences to the team and the Kraft family.May Mrs. Myra Kraft r.i.p"

Braylon Edwards: "RIP Mrs. Kraft, my prayers and condolences go out to the entire Kraft family."

Dante Stallworth: "@mortreport oh no!! That's terrible news... Great family, great ownership that really cares about EVERY player! My condolences to the Krafts."

Belichick asked if playing at home helps: 'Go ask Dallas and Kansas City'

Belichick asked if playing at home helps: 'Go ask Dallas and Kansas City'

FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick knows that how you play, not where, is what matters most. 

That's why when he was asked on Wednesday about the advantage the Patriots will have by playing at Gillette Stadium in the AFC title game, he wasn't willing to go all-in on how a comfortable environment will positively impact his team.

"I don’t know," he said. "Go ask Dallas and Kansas City."

The Patriots apparently thought enough of home-field advantage that they played their starters throughout their regular-season finale win in Miami, exposing their best players to potential injury in order to maintain their positive momentum while simultaneously ensuring a better road to the Super Bowl. 

The Patriots fans in attendance on Sunday will help when the Patriots take on the Steelers, Belichick acknowledged. But there's much more to it than that. 

"Yeah, of course," he said, "but the game is won by the players on the field. That’s who wins football games – the players. And they’ll decide it Sunday night."

And if you needed any further proof, just ask the Cowboys and Chiefs how helpful their home crowds were in the Divisional Round. 

Tomlin not letting up on Brown after ill-advised Facebook Live video

Tomlin not letting up on Brown after ill-advised Facebook Live video

FOXBORO – Mike Tomlin didn’t sidestep questions related to Antonio Brown’s ill-advised locker room broadcast.

Instead, Tomlin actually seemed to up the ante during a conference call with New England media. Asked whether Brown seemed to get the message that Tomlin delivered and take it seriously, Tomlin said, “I think time always tells those stories.”

Tomlin easily could have used a “we’re moving on” message or talked about how Brown simply made a youthful mistake but he opted not to. Which isn’t surprising.

The number one criticism of Tomlin is that the Steelers head coach runs a loose ship and that the lack of discipline and accountability is a big issue.

Seeing Brown run a live broadcast from the locker room while Tomlin’s trying to make a point doesn’t just keep that perception afloat, it advances it to a place it’s never been.

It’s not a stretch to say that Brown’s actions imperiled Tomlin’s reputation. There’s no wonder he isn’t willing to let Brown off the hook.

Brown addressed the controversy on Wednesday saying, “I absolutely regret the Facebook Live situation. It’s a total distraction to the organization. A total distraction to my teammates. Obviously disrespect to my coach. I’ve got utmost respect to my coach so I totally regret that.”

Tomlin on Tuesday went as far as to suggest other players doing team-distracting things like Brown wind up getting passed around the league despite their great talent. “That's often why you see great players move from team to team,” said Tomlin. “Don't want that to happen to Antonio Brown.

Tomlin expressed embarrassment that the language he used in the postgame in the privacy of his locker room was served up for public consumption.

“As a parent, I’m not into public displays of that type of language so I was more embarrassed about that aspect of it not necessarily the content or the message of the video,” said Tomlin.

As to referring to the Patriots as “those a*******,” Tomlin said, “Man, you could have applied that sentiment to any opponent. You could have made that tape two weeks earlier and applied it to that opponent. It’s not about the nameless great faces that we play, it’s about our overall preparation and that was the sentiment of the message that I was sending to the guys not necessarily about the New England Patriots, they just happened to be who we’re playing this week.”

Tomlin also addressed the time element he referenced in his postgame speech when he said the Patriots had a day-and-a-half head start on his team. 

“I was just trying to instill a sense of urgency in our group regarding preparation and I wanted them to understand that we didn’t have a lot of time to pat ourselves on the back based on the performance of the last game,” he explained. “That we needed to transition and transition quickly and start the preparation, whether it was actual preparation or just from a mentality standpoint.”

Because of Brown’s decision, it’s probably been a lot harder to make that transition than Tomlin ever hoped.