Attorney: Meriweather innocent, holding up well

Attorney: Meriweather innocent, holding up well
March 21, 2011, 11:38 pm
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By TomE. Curran
NEW ORLEANS - The attorney for Brandon Meriweather believes his client is "holding up well" after dealing with a somewhat dubious accusation of attempted murder. Adam Swickle, who delivered six sworn witness statements to the Orange County Sheriff's Office on Monday which he said vindicate the Patriots' safety from a February 27 shooting in Apopka, Florida, said the Patriots' safety has done "an amazing job keeping his composure in the face of a difficult situation."Swickle said he didn't want to characterize Meriweather's state of mind but asked, "How would the average person feel or any other athlete feel? These were extremely serious allegations. This wasn't a bar fight or someone spilling a drink. Were talking about attempted murder being accused. Anyone accused of something like that would have similar feelings."
Earlier Monday, Swickle told the Orlando Sentinel that Meriweather didn't have a gun on the night in question, "did not shoot anybody" and "was nothing but a peace-keeper" in the incident.
The Orange County Sheriff's Department has not completed their investigation or made any statements on Meriweather's disposition in the case. Neither Patriots head coach Bill Belichick nor team president Jonathan Kraft provided further comment on the Meriweather situation on Monday in New Orleans.
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