Belichick: 'Fortunate' to have three good QBs

Belichick: 'Fortunate' to have three good QBs
August 31, 2014, 10:45 am
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It was, to me at least, a surprise that the Patriots chose to keep three quarterbacks on their cutdown to 53.
Could be because they don’t feel that hot about Jimmy Garoppolo stepping in if Tom Brady goes down. Could be that they feel Ryan Mallett is a good commodity to have as trade bait.
Knowing Bill Belichick isn’t going to get specific if asked either of those questions, I instead asked him Sunday morning if it was a hard decision to keep three and have – in essence – a backup to a backup.
“No I wouldn’t say so,” Belichick said quickly.
Elaborating, Belichick added, “Look we’re fortunate we have three good players at that position. Players we have a lot of confidence in. I’m sure there’s some teams in the league that aren’t in that position. They might not have one, I don’t know. I’ve been in that position before and its not a good place to be. We’re fortunate. We have three good players there and it’s a good situation.”
Belichick did note earlier in the call that “there’s a lot of things potentially in transition with a lot of spots on our team.”
It wouldn’t surprise me if quarterback is one of those.