Patriots sit pretty with 16M of cap space


Patriots sit pretty with 16M of cap space

With free agency starting Tuesday at 4 p.m., the Patriots are in a position to spend if they so desire. As of Friday's end of business, New England had 16.2 million in space under the 2012 salary cap which goes into effect when the new league year begins. Our guy Mike Florio has all the numbers at Pro Football Talk. The 2012 cap number is 120.6 million. The Pats rolled over the 6.7 million that they had in 2011 cap room so the number they are working off of is 127.3 million. Wes Welker's franchise tag hit of more than 9.5 million is included. If the team works out a long-term deal with Welker between now and July 15, they'll likely knock down his 2012 cap hit as well. What's it mean? Just that money should be no major obstacle to getting players they see as good fits.

Two Daniel Webster players arrested after on-court brawl with S. Vermont


Two Daniel Webster players arrested after on-court brawl with S. Vermont

Things escalated very quickly during a Division III game in Nashua, New Hampshire on Saturday as two members of the Daniel Webster College men’s basketball team were arrested for their part in an on-court brawl.

Daniel Webster was playing conference rival Southern Vermont College when Daniel Webster guard Marquise Caudill threw a punch at an opposing player, stomped on him and then incited a brawl with 14:34 left in the second half.

A brief YouTube video of the beginnings of the fight was posted by

Caudill was one of two Daniel Webster players arrested in the fight as the Associated Press reported that it took 25 police officers to restore order after the fight. Southern Vermont was awarded a win via forfeit as the final score was officially 2-0.

The 22-year-old Caudill is being held on $50,000 cash bail on the charges of assault, criminal threatening and disorderly conduct.

Caudill’s teammate, 23-year-old Antwaun Boyd, was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct as he was released after bail was posted.

One other person was also arrested in the incident as 43-year-old Elizabeth Morris was charged in connection with the disturbance. She also posted bail and was released.

Perhaps the craziest side note about this brawl is that this was the final home regular season game for Daniel Webster College, as the school is shutting down at the end of the year. This was also Daniel Webster’s only home loss of the season as this incident has cast a black cloud over what should have been a memorable final home game for the school.