Ortiz looks to steal if given the space this season


Ortiz looks to steal if given the space this season

TORONTO -- Bobby Valentine didn't mean the idea. It was the timing he questioned.

After a leadoff single in the seventh, David Ortiz, noting that first baseman Adam Lind was playing behind him, took off for second base in a surprise stolen base attempt.

Toronto catcher J.P. Arencibia fired a pea to second from his knees and Ortiz was called out by second base umpire Ted Barrett, though replays indicated he may have slid in safely.

"Alex (Ochoa, first base coach) and David," said Valentine, "have been talking about if they're going to play behind him and he can get a good jump and pick a good pitch . . ."

Valentine then paused for effect and added: "A one-run game in the seventh inning is a little dicey, you might say, but . . . It's going to get guys to hold him on base and create a hole for guys hitting behind him. I think it's a necessary strategy."

"I was safe, by the way," maintained Ortiz. "That (throw) wasn't fair. He should make those throws when guys are fast."

"I thought (the attempt) was great," added Dustin Pedroia. "J.P. made a heck of a throw. You just tip your hat. But I thought it was a great play."