Ochocinco: If I was president, I'd ban all taxes


Ochocinco: If I was president, I'd ban all taxes

If Chad Ochocinco ever goes into politics, he'd take fiscal conservatism to a whole new level:

No more taxes, whatever you earn you can keep. I'll figure out the rest later RT @tscheine: What would you do if you were President? Chad Ochocinco (@ochocinco) March 9, 2012

And the answer to all those "Where's revenue going to come from?" naysayers is simple:

Print money just for those services only RT @MatthewMilligan: @ochocinco How would you pay for public services without taxpayers money? Chad Ochocinco (@ochocinco) March 9, 2012
Oh, wait:

I said I'd figure the rest out later geesh, let me think 1st RT @cindypark26: @ochocinco When you print money...that causes inflation... Chad Ochocinco (@ochocinco) March 9, 2012

Get back to us when you figure it out, Ocho. Sounds intriguing.

Wednesday, Feb. 22: Talking Bruins with Ray Ferraro

Wednesday, Feb. 22: Talking Bruins with Ray Ferraro

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while getting ready for the February heat wave headed our way.

*In the interest of self-promotion, here’s a podcast I did on Tuesday talking Bruins with former Hartford Whalers great and current outstanding TSN hockey analyst Ray Ferraro, who is also a great FOH (Friend of Haggs).

*Good piece on a Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster that has already gained plenty of internet plaudits for his great, and now legendary, Nick Bonino goal call in last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

*It’s never too early to look at this summer’s crop of NHL draft-eligible players. Right, Kevin Allen?

*Apparently Toronto Maple Leafs rookie Auston Matthews has his own rap song, so he’s got that going for him…which is nice.

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) and PHT writer Jason Brough has James Wisniewski trying to revive his NHL career after a short stint in the KHL.

*There’s a call for Nashville backup Juuse Saros to get more playing time between the pipes for the Predators.

*Larry Brooks brings his always interesting take to the Bruins situation in allowing Claude Julien to take the head gig in Montreal, and said it all came down to money. Big surprise there. I think there was also a concern from the B’s about having another PR nightmare on their hands if it was perceived that they stepped in and didn’t allow Julien to gain employment someplace else, regardless of what waited for him in the offseason. It also tells me that the Bruins aren’t afraid of Julien coaching their arch-rivals, which makes perfect sense since they just fired him.

*For something completely different: the image of Woody Harrelson in the Falcon cockpit is both jarring and super awesome.


Five reasons standing pat may be Celtics' best move


Five reasons standing pat may be Celtics' best move

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