Occupy NBA: the new WGS movement


Occupy NBA: the new WGS movement

By Justin Aucoin

Are you pissed about the current state of the NBA? Angry that owners smoke Cubans on their giant yachts and NBA stars are traveling the world while you sit at home having to do something productive like wash the dishes, do laundry or clean the cats litter box? Are you pissed that Delonte West is taking food out of your childrens mouths? Bitter that theres not going to be an NBA season this year?

If so, then its time to Occupy NBA.

While the rich owners bitch and complain with the rich NBA brats about whos going to become even more richer, they seem to have forgotten about the 99 of people who actually fill up every arena every night the fans.

Fans are already pouring into their favorite teams stadium, demanding changes.

Some are even willing to get thrown out by security for the cause.

Those who cant get in are outside with their signs, protesting and showing their displeasure with the NBA and NBAPA.

Maybe we can even get super rich music artist and professional award night troll, Kanye West, to show up for support.

Or not.

So bring your ball, a tent and your favorite Air Jordans because this isnt your ordinary basketball camp.

Were occupying the NBA.

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