Nomar hates astronauts


Nomar hates astronauts

By Jon Fucile

Doug Bailey of Boston Magazine recently did a feature and told a few odd tales from his time with the Red Sox, the most interesting of which was Nomar Garciaparra trying to convince some astronauts that the moon landing was faked.

Yeah. Nomar, the man who was traded and the Red Sox instantly got better and won a World Series, walked up to some current astronauts and said he saw a program that said the moon landing was a complete hoax and tried to convince them this was true.

After the conversation he was seen eating a bald eagle.

He then went to a memorial dedicated to Neil Armstrong and his team and made some modifications.

Seriously Nomar, why would you insult a bunch of astronauts? Theyre winners and have been in space. Your career fizzled out and you got passed from team to team like a common hooker.

What American heroes are you going to trash next?

(Note: Yes, we are aware Thornton is from Canada but Canada sucks so were claiming him)

Nomar is probably one of those fools that refuses to admit the Elvis died while taking a dump and thinks the guy is still out there somewhere shaking his hips and wearing ridiculously sparkly outfits.

Shut up, Nomar. Nobody likes you! Not even your wife.

Okay Nomar, that was a nice burn but youre still a giant idiot. Maybe these astronauts should take you to the moon and abandon you.

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