No more Mr. Nice Jeff Green Guy


No more Mr. Nice Jeff Green Guy

By Justin Aucoin

In a sport known from its prima donnas, overpaid whiners and juvenile temper tantrums , its not often to hear an NBA coach spout off the following:

"I think he's too nice," Rivers said. "He's trying to please the other guys on the floor.

Yes, you read that correctly. Doc Rivers thinks Jeff Green is too nice.

Why is Green too nice? Well, Rivers said something about playing with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rando, and passing too much and some other hoo-hah; Green added hes over-passive, whatever that means. Maybe the pre-game back massages was a bit much, we agree, but too nice?

To try to turn Green into a less nice guy, Rivers let Green take a day off from practice and study with the least nice guy he knows Charles Barkley.

It started off with Green going through shot drills

with cats.

And then onto defensive drills against small children.

If that wasnt bad enough, then Green had to throw insults at the little tykes who idolize him.

At night, they went cow tipping.

Prank called some old friends.

And finally, Green also was coaxed into trying to scare Shaq during the game against Detroit.

Whoops. OK, so maybe they went a little too far with that last one. Celtics fans have no one to blame but Rivers. Green didnt ask to be mean.

All in all, maybe trying to each Green to be less nice was a good idea. But at least hes on the right track.