NHL own goals never get old


NHL own goals never get old

By Justin Aucoin

Several weeks about we brought you video of poor Dan Boyles self-goal header against his own team. And how it wasnt his first self-goal of his career.

Well, Boyle isnt alone on the self-goal list this year. Erik Johnson, defenseman for the St. Louis Blues, can now have his name engraved on the infamous list.

All the dudes trying to do is clear the puck. No dice. When things are bad, theyre bad. Blues have now lost four in a row and nine out of their last 11. So much for Halak being the Blues Savior.

Our favorite part of the whole video is the announcer saying Heck of a shot by Johnson Yeah, well, were pretty sure Conklin wasnt expecting his own teammate to shoot at their own open net, but whatevs.

Hugs for Erik Johnson.

Lucky SOB.

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Watch Danny Ainge's son posterize him


Watch Danny Ainge's son posterize him

Danny Ainge's vertical doesn't appear to be what it once was. Crew Ainge, Danny's son, got the better of his pops.

The youngest Ainge child posterized his father in some driveway basketball.

"Baptism from my freshly returned missionary @UncleCR3W #drivebydunkchallenge," the Boston Celtics general manager wrote Sunday.

One of Ainge's former players, Evan Turner appreciated the video, and began petitioning for the clip to start trending.