NFL Picks: Week 12


NFL Picks: Week 12

By Rich Levine

I was 2-1 on Thanksgiving, but Im back for another helping of NFL gambling goodness.

Hope everyones holiday went as well as it did for the Patriots, or as well as Im about to do on my Week 12 Picks.

So hide your kids and hide your wife, because I'm picking everybody up in here

The Game: Tennessee at Houston (-6.5)

I hate blaming everything on Randy Moss. But can it really just be a coincidence that both teams that acquired him this season imploded within two weeks? Or how about the fact that in both cases it was the quarterback and head coach at the center of the controversy?

Furthermore, at this point, what team is going to be stupid enough to bring Randy in next season? Jerry Jones? Maybe Daniel Snyder? Who else? Has Randy suddenly become the new TO?

Who could have believed things would unravel so quickly? Its been barely two months since that one-handed grab at the Meadowlands; doesnt that feel like two years ago?

Anyway, thats all the rhetorical questions I have for this game, so lets get to the basics.

1. Rusty Smith is the Titans starting quarterback. Yes, THAT Rusty Smith.
2. Chris Johnson is the Titans starting running back.
3. Against a defense like Houstons, No. 2 more than makes up for No. 1.

Also, I know Rusty Smith wont be the most qualified starting quarterback in the NFL on Sunday, but he and Randy are a decent fit. Smith doesnt really know any better, he just wants to let loose which means a potential increase in bombs headed Randys way.

I think I smell his first Titans touchdown this week.

And it smells like a combo straight cash and a poorly catered lunch.

The Pick: Titans (6.5)
The Game: Jacksonville at N.Y. Giants (-7)

Ladies and Gentlemen, your first-place Jacksonville Jaguars!


Thats right. In a division that features the Colts, Texans and Titans all teams that at one point or another were allegedly destined for greatness this season the Jacksonville Jaguars are leading the way. Of course, they technically have the same 6-4 record as Indy, but the Jags have the tie breaker, and anyway, stop killing their buzz!

It does help Jacksonvilles cause that the Giants receiving corps is more beat up than Antonio Margarito, and that the G-Men are reeling on the heels of two straight division losses. But a team that needed last-second scores to earn home wins over the Texans and Browns isnt ready for the New Meadowlands spotlight.

The Pick: Giants (-7)The Game: Minnesota at Washington (-2)

We all know that the Vikings arent a bad team. Well, OK, they are a bad team, but theyre a bad team made up of legitimately talented players. And like the Cowboys before them, theyve spent the season struggling to sync those talents together. You can blame Favre. You can blame Randy. You can blame whomever you want, but unless youre blaming Brad Childress, youre wrong. And if you dont think the removal of the mustachioed moron is going to motivate Minnesota on Sunday then . . . then . . . you must be Childress himself!

Also, as I wrote last week, the Redskins might be better off playing on the road for the rest of the season. Theres too much controversy brewing in their hometown; too much pent-up hostility. If they come out and stumble even a little, the fans will get testy, and seeing how the 'Skins reacted two weeks ago against Michael Vick, that wont be good for business.
The Pick: Vikings (2)The Game: Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Buffalo

I dont mean this in any condescending way, but Im happy for Buffalo. They didnt deserve that Worst Team in the NFL label, and with their two straight wins regardless of whom they came against theyve salvaged the season. Its not longer up there with one of the most pathetic years in league history. Instead, it just goes down as another bad year in Buffalo which is fair, because Buffalo is undoubtedly a bad team. They were better than 0-8. 2-8 makes much more sense.

Anyway, 2-8 teams dont go into Heinz Field and come out smiling.

Unless they have a fetish for beat downs.

The Pick: Steelers (-6.5)The Game: Green Bay at Atlanta (-2)

I wish this game was in Green Bay.

Why? Because we already know what the Falcons can do at home. They can beat anyone; at home, they might be truly elite.

Judging by that, you probably know where I'm leaning here. I think the Falcons win by at least a touchdown. I just wish they'd play another significant game on the road so we can start to understand who this team really is.

The Pick: Falcons (-2)
The Game: Carolina at Cleveland (-10)
So, who do you like:

The Panthers' former crappy QB vs. their current crappy QB?

It really is too bad Colt McCoy went down with his injured ankle. The kid is a lot of fun to watch, and certainly has a career ahead of him. Besides the fact that McCoy has started only five NFL games, I would have bet on the Browns (-10) in a second had Colt been behind center. He just gets it.

With Jake Delhomme calling the shots, I always dont feel quite as strongly about a Browns blowout, but I still think theres a good chance we see it. Even though the Browns are undoubtedly worse without McCoy, the other guys on the team, especially Peyton Hillis and a few key members of the defense, made the leap along with McCoy and should be able to lead the Browns to a big win against a really bad team.

The Pick: Browns (-10)The Game: Kansas City (-1.5) at Seattle

There are two games this week that feature a pair of a first-place teams. The first is EaglesBears. The second is . . . wait, what?


But yes, the Sons of Dave Krieg each find themselves atop their division. Even if they only have a combined 11-9 record.

The Seahawks are 5-5, but only two of those wins have come outside the division. The first was at home against San Diego before they stopped using special-teams plays as nap time and the second was a pretty decent win at Soldiers Field in Week 6.

But since Week 6, the Seahawks are only 2-3, and both wins have come against awful Arizona. Not the most inspiring stretch, even by NFC West standards.

So, why am I picking them to beat my newly-beloved Chiefs?

The Seahawks still have one of the best home-field advantages in the league, and even though they might not be that good, the fact that theyre in first place gives the fans a reason to takeover. Meanwhile, five of the Chiefs six wins have come in Kansas City this year; theyre 1-4 on the road.

I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt the last time they were one-point favorites outside of KC, and they ended up surrendering 49 points to the Broncos. Cant do it this time, fellas. Im so sorry.

The Pick: Seahawks (1.5) The Game: Miami at Oakland (-3.5)

The Dolphins and the Raiders have identical records (5-5), but their NFL realities could not be much different.

On one hand, the Dolphins are done. Theres no way they can catch the Pats or Jets, and the wild card is essentially out of reach. Their quarterback situation is a disaster. Their No. 1 receiver might be down for a few weeks and Miami is 1-4 this season at home(!), which doesnt have any bearing on this week but is a sign of a team thats not going anywhere.

Then you have the 5-5 Raiders one game out of first place, with only the fading Chiefs and the injury-riddled Chargers standing in their way. Their QB situation is a disaster, too, but thats nothing new. Not really a surprise. Thats something this team is already prepared to deal with. Meanwhile, theyre 4-1 at home this season, and, despite that tough loss in Pittsburgh, playing pretty solid football.

The Pick: Raiders (-3.5)The Game: St. Louis at Denver (-4)

If youre Josh McDaniels, why not just make Tim Tebow the starting QB? I mean, your season might be over, but your job is still on the line. And the way youre doing it now which is essentially to let Kyle Orton fade back 40 times a game, and pray that Brandon Lloyd can pull a few catches out of his ass isnt working. Its clear that this team doesnt have it, and that something has to change. Is that something the head coaching position? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, why not give the fans a reason to cheer?

It doesnt matter if Tebows not ready. No ones expecting him to be. He can squirm and struggle and throw interceptions galore, but no ones going to turn on him. Not when he only has six weeks to work with! When he fails, hell be a rookie, but when he succeeds even if its just a touchdown or two a game hell be Lord Tebow! Broncos fans will go wild! So much so that theyll maybe forget about their struggling head coach.
The Pick: Rams (4) The Game: Tampa Bay at Baltimore (-7.5)

As I explained last week, at this point in the season, picking Buccaneers games is easy. They are, quite simply, the Best Worst Team in the NFL

They win every game that they should win, which is a testament to the work being done by Raheem Morris. They also lose every game they should, which is a testament to the fact that they just arent THAT great a team.

The Ravens and Bucs might have the same record, but we all know theyre not in the same league. Especially when the games being played in Baltimore.

The Ravens have a rematch with the Steelers coming up Week 13, so I guess theres a chance that theyll lack a little focus and let Tampa stick around, but until the Best Worst Team theory fails, Im riding it to the imaginary bank.

The Pick: Ravens (-7.5)The Game: Philadelphia (-3) at Chicago

This feels like the suckers bet of the week, but . . .

(Prepares to become a sucker)

. . . do we really think that the Bears can win this game?

I know that their defense is good, very good at home. And I know that they somehow bounced back from their midseason slump to win three straight games. Its just that when the Bears are bad, theyre so unbelievably bad. They might be 7-3, but two of those losses may have been the worst two performances any teams had all year. When I look at this team, those awful losses are all I see; they were too bad to actually be good. Does that make any sense?

Also, for what its worth, those two losses where the Bears scored two touchdowns and committed nine turnovers came to the Giants and Redskins. Chicagos just not at the NFCs East level (not counting Wade Phillips Cowboys, because neither were they).

The Pick: Eagles (-3)The Game: San Diego at Indianapolis (-3)

Its usually as easy as saying: Peyton Manning in primetime? OK, give me the Colts.

And . . . yeah, its still that easy.

Dont give me the excuse that the Colts are too banged up. Did you notice that Norv Turners actually listed as the Chargers third receiver for Sunday night?

The Pick: Colts (-3)The Game: San Francisco (-1) at Arizona

At 3-7, the Niners are somehow only two games back in the NFC West. Actually, I shouldnt say somehow. This was expected. The divisions a joke and not a funny one. A twisted joke where the punch line involves a little kids dog getting run over by a bulldozer. Its truly disgraceful.

But while its easy to look at the Niners situation and think, Ooh, theyre still in the hunt! Theyve still got something to play for!, Im not buying it.

First of all, the schedule doesnt get any easier after this. San Francisco still has games left at Green Bay and San Diego. Those are losses, which give Singletarys boys at least nine on the season. As bad as the West is, I still think the winner finds a way to finish .500. And second of all, its not a fluke that the Niners are 3-7. Sure, if a couple different plays had gone a couple different ways, they could have a few more wins, but when you look at their first 10 games, it becomes pretty obvious that this just isnt a great team. Their only wins have come against Oakland (before they figured it out), Denver (in London) and the Rams (at home, in OT).

Journey is going to be pissed at me, but its time to stop believing. The Niners arent winning the NFC West.

The Pick: Cardinals (1)The Record&8232;&8232;:
Last Week: 11-4&8232;2-1 on ThanksgivingSeason: 84-72-5

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New year, different circumstances, same approach for McDaniels


New year, different circumstances, same approach for McDaniels

FOXBORO -- A year ago, the Patriots had a unique challenge: Fulfill Tom Brady’s desire to take every snap but also get Jimmy Garoppolo ready to run the team in Brady’s four-game absence.

This year, there’s no suspension looming. But Josh McDaniels still is tasked with getting Brady, Garoppolo and, yes, Jacoby Brissett ready for prime time.

“It’s the same every year for us,” said McDaniels a day before the first training camp practice. “We really didn’t change what we were doing in training camp last year.”

To quibble with the Pats successful offensive coordinator, there did appear to be a change, particularly with Brady’s usage during the preseason games. Perhaps the confluence of events in Brady’s personal life (mother’s illness) and that scissor mishap were driving forces, but bottom line is the program had to be altered. Still, the overall theme didn’t, and won’t again according to McDaniels.

“Everybody is going to get plenty of reps,” he said. “Fundamentals, techniques, all of the things that are basic to our success as we go through the course of the season, this is our opportunity to anchor those in our players so they’ll all three get plenty of reps . . . we’ll just let it play out.”

During OTAs and mini camp, Garoppolo spoke of competing to be the starter. Wishful thinking perhaps from the fourth-year pro, what with the GOAT firmly entrenched ahead of him on the depth chart, but it’s precisely that kind of attitude that is beneficial not only to the player but the entire roster.

“If you’re here, you’re responsible to try to push the people ahead of you so you can get out on the field and help us win,” said McDaneils. “I don’t think there’s a lot of deferring in any room, and that’s the great thing. That means we have a lot of competition and that’s the thing that makes everybody better. “

That competition started in the spring and will continue going forward to McDaniel’s satisfaction, or else. 

“They’ll be things I get mad at and will yell about,” he smiled.

Looking forward to it.

Quick Slants the Podcast: Behind the scenes stories on Belichick and the Patriots with Jerod Mayo


Quick Slants the Podcast: Behind the scenes stories on Belichick and the Patriots with Jerod Mayo

Former Patriots defensive captain Jerod Mayo joins Tom E. Curran and Phill Perry to give a peak behind the curtain of the Patriots operation run by Bill Belichick.

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