Revs: We played into Toronto's game plan

Revs: We played into Toronto's game plan
August 4, 2013, 11:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- They played right into Toronto's game plan.

Which was, score early, then sit back and focus on defense for 88 minutes. That would be how Toronto would draw it up in a perfect world, entering Sunday night's match at Gillette Stadium.

And well, that's exactly how it played out for Toronto, who took advantage of a Revolution turnover at midfield in the second minute of the game, and turned it into an early 1-0 lead.

Ultimately, turning it into a 1-0 win over New England.

"I'll call it just a disappointing night," said Revs coach Jay Heaps after the loss. "The start that we had put us in a hole. You can't give a goal away in the first two minutes of the game. But we should have been able to get back in it, and we didn't."

Following Toronto's early goal, New England had several golden opportunities to score.

Most of those opportunities came in the first half, as Toronto defenders made multiple game-saving stops at the goal line. Two of the closest goals came off the foot of Diego Fagundez.

The other came at the end of the first half, when Saer Sene had an open net at the left post, but missed and hit the side of the net.

"I thought in the first half our final balls were good," said Heaps. "I think they had two balls they cleared off the line. Credit their defenders, because their defenders made a couple good plays, and their goalkeeper made a couple great saves."

"It looked like two or three goal line saves they had there," said Revs defender Chris Tierney. "We just didn't get that slice of luck to get us back into the game. If we score in the first half, I think it's back to 1-1. Then we're in decent shape again.

"But chasing the game is just not a position you want to be in, especially against a team that you know is going to fight as hard as Toronto does," added Tierney. "That first goal just killed us."

And that first goal -- and the only goal -- wasn't bad luck. It was just a bad mistake.

Jose Goncalves just coughed up the ball at midfield to Matias Laba, who then had plenty of open field to take it all the way down the right side.

By the time he got to the top of the box, Revs defender Stephen McCarthy was there to greet him. But as Laba faked a shot, McCarthy bit, and tried to make the sliding block. But Laba pulled it back with his right, and let a shot go on net. It was stopped by traffic out front, but laba ran in and put home the second effort for the 1-0 lead in just the second minute of the game.

"The goal just killed us," said Tierney. "Giving away an early goal, we've been talking about starts and how we need to improve them. Same thing tonight, we just didn't start well. I don't know what the issue is, but it's just such a poor goal for us to concede, especially when we knew they were going to try to nip one on the counter and sit in, which is exactly what they did. That's their game plan to a tee. It's just so disappointing to concede early, and then we had plenty of chances to tie the game, especially in the first half. And we just couldn't convert. So it's just an extremely frustrating night all around."

"It's a tough one, because we haven't given away a lot of goals this year," said Heaps. "And when we do, it hurts. It doesn't matter who it is. We gave them [the goal]. We had opportunities to make the play, and we didn't.

"Yeah, it hurts. So we have to rally and come back and move on. That's something that I think we have, is a short-term memory. We have to just get on to the next play."