Would the Pats ever trade Brady?

Would the Pats ever trade Brady?
February 12, 2014, 9:00 pm
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Unthinkable? Bob Neumeier and Fred Toucher discuss the possibility.

What? Trade Tom Brady? The next thing you'll say is that Derek Jeter is retiring.

Yes, all good things do come to an end. Brady will turn 37 in August, Bill Belichick 62 in April. They are the oldest of the multiple-Super-Bowl-winning quarterback and coach combos and the clock is running out.

On Arbella Early Edition, Bob Neumeier and Fred Toucher from 98.5 The Sports Hub's "Toucher & Rich" morning show discuss what many could never see happening.

"Look at how Seattle got Russell Wilson. Look at how San Francisco got Colin Kaepernick. There was a quarterback already in place," Toucher points out, recalling that those teams used a younger draftee in Kaepernick and Wilson to supplant their starter.

"Take yourself back to Edmonton. Wayne Gretzky, greatest of all time. What did they do after they traded him? Won a championship," Toucher said. "Take yourself back to San Francisco. Joe Montana goes to Kansas City. They still have Steve Young. They won a championship."

At the moment, Toucher said, Brady remains one of the top quarterbacks in the game. He's not talking about dealing him in the near future.

"Certainly, Tom Brady still enough in the tank to win Super Bowl. He still has enough to dominate the AFC," Toucher said. "There is a time when legends move on. There is a time when there's a premium on moving a guy."

Said Neumeier: "Maybe there is a time in two years where Belichick wonders about Tom Brady's ability to win a championship?... It's not quite so unbelievable. I can see him in another uniform could you?"