Why can't the Pats win the big ones anymore?


Why can't the Pats win the big ones anymore?

"Is there a fundamental shortcoming with the Patriots when it comes to these big games late in the playoffs, or is it a matter of bad luck, law of averages, coincidence, etc.? One or the other: Fundamental flaw -- a fundamental shortcoming when it comes to big games -- or you just can't win them all?"
In the light of the Patriots' eighth consecutive Super Bowl-less season, that was the question Michael Felger raised Tuesday on 'Felger & Mazz' to former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins, co-host Tony Massarotti and announcer Marc "Beetle" Bertrand.
Both Wiggy and Mazz leaned toward the team having a fundemental flaw; Bertrand said no.
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Bennett on Goodell: 'Where is he? He's like Waldo right now'

Bennett on Goodell: 'Where is he? He's like Waldo right now'

FOXBORO -- Leave it to Martellus Bennett, the children's book author, to make a cartoon reference when asked about the lingering effects of Deflategate. 

Could hear the "Where's Roger?" chants that rang throughout Gillette Stadium on Sunday night, a reporter wondered? Bennett deflected at first. 

"Who's Roger," he asked? 

Then it was pointed out to him that the chants were directed to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who opted to attend the NFC title game in Atlanta -- his second trip to the Georgia Dome in as many weeks -- instead of the AFC title game between the Patriots and Steelers. 

"Oh yeah," Bennett said, his memory apparently jogged. "Where is he? He's like Waldo right now. He didn't want to come here."

Tom Brady was asked about the chants as well. He had to have heard them, a reporter noted. 

"I didn't hear that chant," Brady insisted. "I did hear them singing to Bon Jovi, though, that was pretty cool."

Awaiting the Patriots in Houston will be the Atlanta Falcons, obviously, but one side plot will be the potential for a face-to-face for Goodell and the Patriots.

In the past, Goodell has handed the Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl winner following the game -- a tradition one would expect would continue this year regardless of who wins. The commissioner has also awarded the game's MVP award to the honoree on the morning after the game. Following the Super Bowl two seasons ago, Brady and Goodell shared a stage as Brady accepted the MVP hardware.