Who's on the bubble as final cuts near?

Who's on the bubble as final cuts near?
August 29, 2013, 11:30 pm
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The magic 53 number for an NFL roster must be attained two days from now, and the Patriots have a great deal of decisions to make between now and Saturday regarding players to keep or let loose.

One of those is the lightning bolt of attention himself, Tim Tebow.

So, what are the former Gator's prospects less than 48 hours away from that 53-man deadline?

The Sports Hub's Mike Flynn, for one, is not liking what he's seeing.

"It depends on where the rest of their roster shapes out. You know if there's a battle at the running back position, safety, how many linemen they keep," Flynn said. "He was better today, but when you're 1-for-7 with a 0.0, it's not saying much."

"I don't think he makes the football team."

With that proclamation of Tebow's demise, we can move on to the running backs. That has been a position of intrigue with so many options down the depth chart. It is unclear how many running backs the Patriots will actually keep, but it has been thought of as three men, LeGarrette Blount, Brandon Bolden and Leon Washington, fighting for two spots.

And at the end of the preseason, it is the veteran of the trio that may be out of a job.

"It's been a Blount, Bolden and Washington deal and you look at this game, Washington is playing late in the game…Blount he kind of gets sit down and gets the day off, Bolden doesn't play," said. "I think it goes down between Bolden and Washington and I just have a feeling that Washington is going to be the odd man out. He's making a lot of money and playing a lot in this last preseason game, never a good sign for a veteran."

Flynn could be proven wrong. But for two former Jets, their chances of making the Patriots squad are not looking too likely.