What's the best strategy for slowing Broncos?

What's the best strategy for slowing Broncos?
November 22, 2013, 8:45 pm
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Welker. Thomas. Thomas (the other one). Moreno. Decker. Oh yea... Manning. 

The Patriots will have their hands full on Sunday night when they take on the Denver Broncos. 

Denver has scored seemingly at will throughout most of the season, and it's only within the last two games that the Patriots have seemed to hit their offensive stride.

The Sports Tonight crew debates the best way to slow down the potent Denver offense, and lays out their keys for the Patriots pulling off the upset.

"You've got to play angry," says Gary Tanguay. "The Patriots have to play angry, they have to play PO'd. They can't worry about penalties. They've got to play as if it's the game of their lives, because that's the only way they'll cause a turnover and if you don't cause a turnover, they're going to lose." 

Kirk Minihane doesn't think anger is going to be enough.

"You can be as angry as you want, I think that's swell, I think that's great, but when Talib's hurt and Dennard's out, and Gregory's out… I just wonder what the tipping point is."

By unanimous decision, the panel thinks both teams will rack up 30 or more points on Sunday, and the general consensus is that that's the only way the Patriots will win this game. 

"The Broncos defense is fraudulent," says Howe. "I think the Patriots can have their way with them. The offense has to help [the defense] out more than anything because the defense isn't playing with a full deck."

Bill Belichick usually does a great job of taking away your best weapon, but in this case, the Broncos have a seemingly unending supply of firepower. 

"You can't take this guy away because them Manning will go to the other three," says Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. "You have to disguise. You have to confuse Manning, you have to jam guys at the line… you have to do what you do, but you have to tweak it just enough so that Manning has to think his way through the play, and then that gives you a bit of a fighting chance."

Tanguay offers one final prediction, saying the game will come down to whichever team has the ball last.