What?! Mmm hmm: It's a tie!

What?! Mmm hmm: It's a tie!
June 19, 2014, 11:15 pm
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'What!? Mmm hmm has quickly become Kay Adams' favorite segment on Quick Slants.

Last week, Mike Giardi thrashed Tom E. Curran, sweeping the host 4-0.

Although last week's results are "still under protest," Curran and Giardi battled it out once again.

One topic was concerning the timing of the NFL Draft. Do Curran and Giardi agree with Bill Belichick that the NFL Draft should be moved up in the year?

"This is the most ridiculous thing," said Giardi. "They want television ratings? That's fine and good. Like the league's not making enough money?"

Curran disagrees with Giardi, he believes the later Draft is good for everyone involved.

"The longer the Draft gets drawn out, the more work there is for me," said Curran. "Let's be honest and tell everyone the truth. The Draft goes longer, we have more work. That makes us all happy. It's better for all of us."