What? Mmm Hmm: Finley, Gronk dancing, Amendola

What? Mmm Hmm: Finley, Gronk dancing, Amendola
June 5, 2014, 11:00 pm
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Mike Giardi and Tom E. Curran debate a few topics as part of the game 'What? Mmm Hmm.'

Jermichael Finley should be the Patriots' #2 tight end

"No question about it." said Giardi. "There's not a lot of financial risk here with this guy. When he is healthy he is very productive and can be a move tight end and can also be an end of the line tight end."

Tom E. Curran believes the Patriots need a tight end, but it isn't Finley.

"I would prefer Dustin Keller." said Curran. "I'd prefer a knee injury that gets rehabbed instead of a neck injury… I love his upside rather than Finley's.

Gronk needs to stop dancing on television

Both Curran and Giardi want Gronk to keep dancing.

"You go where you want to, you do what you want to do." said Giardi. "As long as you're doing your work when it's time to do your work, go for it."

"I just like when he keeps his shirt on." said Curran.

Danny Amendola will make everyone forget 2013 in 2014

Curran is optimistic about Amendola in 2014.

"Danny Amendola is working with Alex Guerrero who is Tom Brady's body coach." said Curran. "Right now, Danny Amendola is in a body transformation in which his core is becoming more flexible, he's working on balance, he's loosening himself up."

Giardi isn't convinced.

"He will break down again, because that's what Danny Amendola does."